Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 749

Chapter 749: Xu Jiamu's Decision (9)
Chapter 749: Xu Jiamu's Decision (9)
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With that, Xu Jiamu loosened his grip of the lighter. He looked at the guy, as though he was was waiting for him to continue.

The guy stared at the wad of cash in Xu Jiamu's hands and hesitated for quite a long time. Without so much as an utter of a word, Xu Jiamu flicked the lighter again, which promptly made the man speak up.

"Young master Xu, no matter what, please don't make any sudden moves. I earned that money for gathering a bunch of reporters to Mian Xiu Garden and tricking Miss Qiao on Madam Xu's request..."

Xu Jiamu halted. His face instantly froze over. "And then?"

The guy said just two words, "That's all...". Without batting an eyelid, Xu Jiamu pulled out a single red note, flicked the lighter, and set it alight. The guy shrieked "No!" with a regretful expression. The burning note fell from Xu Jiamu's hands and instantly turned to ashes as it fluttered to the ground.

Xu Jiamu didn't even give the guy a chance to react before pulling out more money. This time, it wasn't just one note but a thin wad.

At that moment, the guy couldn't care anymore, and laid it all out without a second thought. "Madam Xu had me leak Miss Qiao's home address. Just as Miss Qiao was surrounded by reporters, Madam Xu wanted me to take that chance to trip her up. Then, in the midst of the chaos, she asked me to crush her with the camera. The camera is so heavy, it alone would definitely crush Miss Qiao half to death... Madam Xu said that after it was done, she'd give me fifty million as a reward, but in the end, you, young master Xu appeared, so I ended up with just this much. Please... I beg you give it to me..."

"So you tripped Qiao Qiao? When the reporters chased us down, the only reason why everyone pushed forward was because you did it?" Xu Jiamu's gaze instantly reached a freezing point.

The guy was so frightened by Xu Jiamu's expression, he backed up against the tree. With a trembling voice, he said, "Young master Xu, it wasn't me. It was Madam Xu... Madam Xu's idea... I recently lost money to gambling and have been hounded down like crazy by some people. Auntie Yun and I are from the same hometown, so she came to find me. Fifty million... I've never seen that kind of money in my whole life, so I agreed to do it. Young master Xu, I won't ever dare to do such a thing again. I really didn't want to do those kind of things. I was just listening to Madam Xu and Auntie Yun's orders..."

"After taking their orders, you could do those things? Fifty million? Fifty million is what it takes for you to kill someone? Do you fucking know that this is illegal? If I hadnt seen you this afternoon, and you really crushed someone to death in that chaos. It's not just the two of them, but you too! All of you would have to go to prison... to prison! Do you understand?!"

Xu Jiamu boiled with a demonic rage from his anger, making the guy's legs start to tremble in fear. But just as Xu Jiamu wasn't paying attention, the man didn't think twice and grabbed for the envelope in his hands.

Some money scattered to the ground. The guy bent over and frantically picked up a few notes. As though he was afraid Xu Jiamu would chase him down, he eventually legged it like he was running for his life.

Xu Jiamu didn't chase him down. Instead, he awkwardly stood on the spot for quite some time, then raised his hand and rubbed his face.

He thought... His mother was just upset, so she leaked the information. He even had a slither of hope to go home and try to convince her to let go.