Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Xu Jiamu's Decision (10)
Chapter 750: Xu Jiamu's Decision (10)
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But now, Xu Jiamu knew. Because of the things his mother had done in the past, the two of them were now at such an arctic stage, and yet she still had no intention of backing down a little bit. So much so, she was just as vicious and merciless as before. With every move, she tried to take someone's life.

Xu Jiamu staggered back two steps and leaned against the fence of the villa. The branches from the roses that grew over the wall pricked him in the neck, but he stood there as though he didn't feel a thing.

So in the afternoon... someone deliberately tripped Qiao Qiao up whilst she was surrounded by reporters.

So in the afternoon... someone deliberately arranged for the camera to fall... the same camera he swiftly pulled his arm forward to keep off.

If he hadn't been there this afternoon at Mian Xiu garden and seen Qiao Qiao, perhaps, Qiao Qiao would end up in a hospital in a coma, just as she did when she fell down the stairs last year on Chinese Valentine's day.

Accident... Some incidents appear as though they're accidents, but who would of figured that behind the curtain, they were really one attempt of murder after the other.

Xu Jiamu didn't know just how long he stayed there in a daze, but he didn't snap back to reality until someone pulled onto the sleeve of his shirt. He lowered his head and saw a five or six year old boy with a wad of notes in his hand. The boy raised his head and blinked when he looked at Xu Jiamu. "Uncle? Is this your money? I've helped you pick it up! Returning it to you."

Xu Jiamu said in a muffled voice, "Thank you". Then he raised his hand and stroked the boy's head, but he didn't take the money. Instead, he feebly walked towards his car.

When he got inside it, he saw the little boy with the money walk over to another boy. The other boy was about the same age and had come out from another courtyard, crying. "Brother, I picked up money. Here, this is for you."

When Xu Jiamu saw this, it was like he'd suffered a shock to the system. His entire body trembled. Je stepped on the accelerator, but he didn't go back to the Xu family estate. He turned the car around and sped off.

As he held onto the steering wheel with his eyes on the road ahead, he remembered back when he was young and had picked up a wallet. He didn't hand it to the teacher, nor did he give it to the policemen, but instead, just like the little boy, he cheerfully handed it to Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian had asked him where he got it from, so Xu Jiamu took him back to where he found it. They waited until it was dark, until the owner came back for it.

He and Lu Jinnian weren't the same. He was pampered since he was young. At the time, he was completely weak from hunger and refused to walk. In the end, Lu Jinnian had to carry him on his back. They got on a bus, and he took him back to the Xu family estate.

Xu Jiamu drove to Su Yuan Apartments.

Song Xiangsi was watching TV. When he opened the door, the sound of singing came blaring out.

Song Xiangsi could tell that Xu Jiamu didn't look so well. She didn't ask him what he was doing here as she did before, but went straight up to the door, grabbed him a pair of slippers, and made way.

When he entered, she poured him a cup of water and handed it over. She looked out the window to see that it was already dark out, and asked, "Have you eaten?"

Xu Jiamu shook his head, and drank a sip of water, then handed her the cup back. He pointed to the bedroom and walked in there on his own first.

Song Xiangsi stood still and stared at the door Xu Jiamu had closed for a while. Eventually, she let out a sigh, put the cup down, and walked towards the bedroom.

Even after he told her that he absolutely wouldnt marry her, causing her to break off their relationship, he was, after all was said and done... the man she was in-love with.