Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 770

Chapter 770: Xu Jiamu's Decision (30)
Chapter 770: Xu Jiamu's Decision (30)
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They say deep love is not as good as long companionship, and profound love needn't an exchange of many words.

Yet Qiao Anhao had clearly also loved him for thirteen years, but why did she feel like her love was so insignificant and not worth a mention in the face of his love.

That man... always wore an icy cold expression and wasn't talkative. If you jabbered on and on, he would only reply with responses like "Mm" or "Good". Sometimes, it would also make you feel uninterested, and involuntarily want to lash out.

But the moment this reclusive man opened his mouth to speak, his words would touch the heart.

How was Qiao Anhao so lucky, to actually be able to find a person who was willing to stop the world for her?


When the interview finished, Lu Jinnian went back to the break room and grabbed his phone to see Qiao Anhao's missed calls. Without thinking twice, he immediately called back. The phone rang a few times, and then it was picked yet it wasn't her usual gentle voice but the wailing sound of sobbing.

Lu Jinnian's entire body tightened up. "Qiao Qiao? What's wrong?"

"I..." As Qiao Anhao had been crying for so long, she could only say one word before abruptly hiccuping.

At that instant, Lu Jinnian's heart became suddenly anxious. Without a second thought, he turned around and apologized to the chief of the TV station, who he had made plans to treat for dinner, and said, "Sorry, Chief Fang, my wife is in a bit of trouble. I have to go back home. I'll have to treat you to dinner on another day."

"Don't worry, Chief Lu. Go ahead, let's reschedule for another day."

Lu Jinnian apologized again, then turned around and said to the assistant, "Hurry, get the car ready. Back to Mian Xiu Garden."

It had taken a lot for Qiao Anhao to calm herself over the phone, but when she overheard him through the still open call, she was moved to even more unrelenting tears.

After Lu Jinnian heard her cries, he darted out of the TV station so fast he almost started to fly. Just as he got into the car, he started to urge the assistant to go faster... faster.. and faster. In the midst of his commands, he would say a few comforting words to Qiao Anhao in a low voice every so often.

The TV station was located in the center of the most flourishing part of the city. On top of this, it was also rush hour at the time, so the traffic was crazy. Every now and then, the car would stop. Every once in a while, Qiao Anhao would hear Lu Jinnian's violent outbursts towards his assistant.

"Didn't I say hurry?!"

"Can you drive?!"

"Why didn't you push through?!"

"Stop the car! Get out! I'm driving!"

Even though he wasn't screaming at Qiao Anhao, she shivered for a moment at his roar. Instinctively, she stroked her belly. As she snorted, she said feebly, "Lu Jinnian..."

Lu Jinnian had planned to push the car door open, when, all of a sudden, he heard Qiao Anhao's voice. It brought him to an abrupt halt. His voice was careful yet impatient. "What's wrong? Qiao Qiao, I'm here."

"I... I, I'm fine..." Because Qiao Anhao couldn't stop sobbing, her words were choppy. At the thought of how exaggeratedly she was crying just now, she couldn't help but smile through her tears. As she wiped them away, she angrily spoke to Lu Jinnian on the phone. "It's all your fault If it weren't for you, why else would I cry?"

"Me?" Lu Jinnian was totally scared half to death by her words. What did he do to make her cry like this?