Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Xu Jiamu's Decision (31)
Chapter 771: Xu Jiamu's Decision (31)
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Lu Jinnian hesitated just for a split-second, wanting to say "Sorry", but then he heard Qiao Anhao say a little choked up over the phone, "Lu Jinnian, thank you."

With those words, he finally understood just why she was crying.

The anxiousness in his heart calmed down and his tensed up body loosened up, and he leaned back into his seat. He waved his hand over at his assistant, who had stopped the car by the side of the road and got out, to continue driving. Then he said sluggishly, "You've seen the broadcast?"

"En." Qiao Anhao was still sobbing, but in comparison to just then, she sounded significantly calmer. "Where are you right now?"

"On the way home."

"Oh," responded Qiao Anhao. She then subconsciously cried, "Lu Jinnian, I..."

She wanted to say "I'm pregnant".

But as the words reached her mouth, she figured that since he missed the chance to be the first to find out, it wouldn't hurt to know a day and night late.

Tomorrow night were the finals of the competition. She couldnt take the role in that Hollywood movie anymore, nor could she perform Zhao Feiyan's drum dance. At most, she could wear the costume up on stage and look pretty for a moment. However, she would take the advantage of the stage to copy what he did today and give him a surprise.

But she didn't know how he would react the instant he heard her say that she was pregnant.

"What's wrong?" asked Lu Jinnian, after having not heard her for quite some time over the phone.

"I'm fine, it's just that I suddenly really want to eat nuts." Qiao Anhao hurriedly put the assumptions in her mind away and casually changed the subject.

"Alright, I'll bring some back home for you," Lu Jinnian replied. "Is there anything else you'd like to eat?"

"En..." Qiao Anhao thought back for a moment to the many things the doctor had recommended she eat during her pregnancy, and listed them in detail, "Apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, fish, eggs, milk... Oh, and pig trotters."

"Pig trotters?" Lu Jinnian was surprised. "Don't you hate eating pig trotters?"

Qiao Anhao acted like a spoiled child. "I want to eat them now..."

Lu Jinnian instantly knew what to do. "Alright, I'll buy some back for you."

"En, then I'll wait for you at home."


Xu Jiamu left a contract in Mian Xiu Garden. When he went over at night to get it, he received a shared video on WeChat from Song Xiangsi. In response, he asked, "What?"

Song Xiangsi arrogantly and coolly replied with "Can't take a look for yourself?", then ignored him.

And so, all he could do was click it for himself and watch.

Xu Jiamu thought that Song Xiangsi had sent him a video about herself. He never imagined that when he clicked on it, the video would be of Lu Jinnian's interview.

At the very start, they spoke about Huan Ying Entertainment's future plans, which Xu Jiamu watched a little restlessly. As he looked at his phone, he parked the car at the entrance of the courtyard.

With the key in his hands, he was getting ready to push the car door open and step out when the presenter in the phone asked a nosy question. "Mr. Lu, do you care to share with us your and Miss Qiao's story?"

Xu Jiamu, who knew Lu Jinnian well, couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Was the presenter eager to get snubbed? Since when did his brother ever divulge anything about his private life to the public?

In the end, he was caught off guard by the fact that Lu Jinnian actually replied with "I'd be delighted to."