Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Xu Jiamu's Decision (35)
Chapter 775: Xu Jiamu's Decision (35)
Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

"Not much."

Song Xiangsi picked up a jar of water and poured Xu Jiamu a cup. She stirred the noodles with her chopsticks, added water, and then poured it into the bin before serving it to Xu Jiamu again. "I suppose this will dilute the saltiness."

He peeked into the bowl, which looked even scarier than the "fried sauce noodles" just now, and pulled a face. Even though his expression looked forced, he still lifted his chopsticks and started eating.

The corner of Song Xiangsi's lips curved into a meager smile. She lowered her head and continued to eat the awful fried sauce noodles.

After eating about half the bowl, Xu Jiamu finally couldn't help but put his chopsticks down. "Song Xiangsi, look at yourself... you can't even cook fried sauce noodles... in the future, who would want to marry you?"

The chopsticks in Song Xiangsi's hand tensed up, and the smile at the corner of her lips instantly disappeared.

In the future, who would want to marry you... Did this mean that deep down he didn't want to marry her?

It was only for a second but Song Xiangsi wore a charmingly sweet smile on her face. She then raised her head and looked over at Xu Jiamu. Without a hint of holding back, she stated, "None of your fucking business, I won't marry you anyway!"

In the past, every time Song Xiangsi swore, she would always get scolded by Xu Jiamu. But this time, he was actually so stunned by her words he didn't even notice that she swore.

He stared at her for about five seconds. The hand she used to pick up the chopsticks, tapped the table rhythmically. "I just pity your future husband, that's all."

"On his behalf, I thank your whole family!" replied Song Xiangsi with a cold smile. She abruptly got up and carried both bowls from the table and chucked the contents into the bin. Then, with reddened eyes, she walked into the kitchen with her back turned to Xu Jiamu at the dining table.

As Song Xiangsi washed the dishes, her tears came crashing down. Coincidentally, the sound of the water running was loud, masking the sound of her feeble sobs.

It was just two big bowls, but it took her ten whole minutes to wash them. In the end, she went to go wash her face before placing the bowls into the disinfection cabinet. She then turned around and saw Xu Jiamu, who had already left the dining table and was standing at the balcony by the living room, smoking.

Dinner was so terrible, she supposed he wasn't full.

Song Xiangsi opened the fridge and took out a pack of instant noodles. She poured hot water into it. After a minute, she walked over to the balcony and put the noodles on the round table on the balcony. "Here, this is for you."

Xu Jiamu turned his head to see a bowl of steaming instant noodles. He gave a nod, then took two drags of his cigarette before putting it out. He pulled out the chair from under the round table and sat down.

Song Xiangsi didn't leave, instead she leaned against the sliding glass doors. "What were you thinking about just now?"

Xu Jiamu stopped eating noodles for a moment. Then, after a while, he said, "Qiao Qiao's pregnant."

"She is? That's a good thing." Song Xiangsi wore a beaming smile for a moment, sincerely happy for Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao. "Mr. Lu must be so happy."

After feeling happy for them, Song Xiangsi couldn't help but shake her head at the thought of how Qiao Anhao's scandal has been buzzing lately. "But it's sad that the baby's mother is being scolded by people like this. I'm afraid that when the baby grows up, people will be pointing fingers at him. Worse yet, he might end up the same as Mr. Lu, traumatized by his childhood and have a lifetime of misfortune..."

All of a sudden, the phone rang in the other room. Song Xiangsi stopped speaking and walked leisurely to pick it up.