Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 780

Chapter 780: I'm Pregnant (1)
Chapter 780: I'm Pregnant (1)
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When Han Ruchu saw Xu Jiamu, she was so shocked, she threw herself at him and hugged him.Then she cried whilst mumbling, "Jiamu, you finally came to visit mama? You forgive mama, right?"

Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, but stood there on the spot and let Han Ruchu hug him. Later, seeing that he was short of time, he said he had to leave. Before he left, he casually stole a document from the Xu family estate's study room.


Qiao Anhao was in eighth place, so she was last to perform on stage.

There were only four make up artists, so when Qiao Anhao reached the make up room. She waited with Zhao Meng for a while for a make up artist to become free.

She sat down in front of the dresser. Just as she was about to tell the make up artist what she was going to wear that night and what kind of look she was going for, she saw Lin Shiyi, the second place contender, come out of the dressing room. As Qiao Anhao's eyes were drawn towards her, the words stuck in her mouth.

She wore a rose-colored ancient Chinese dance costume, with her hair and make up also done up in a manner of an ancient beauty.

This wasn't the main point, the main point was... the dance costume she wore was exactly the same as the one Qiao Anhao had ordered.

"Qiao Qiao, why does Lin Shiyi have the same costume? She's up on stage before you, so what are we going to do? We got here in such a hurry, and we didn't bring a change of clothes. In a competition like this, you'd lose points for clashing costumes."

Qiao Anhao heard Zhao Mengs whisper in her ears. That's when she turned away from Lin Shiyi, and gave her friend a comforting expression. Then she told the make up artist, "Give me a natural look to suit what I'm wearing now."

Actually... she never wanted to perform Zhao Feiyan's drum dance, but seeing as she wore matching outfits with Lin Shiyi, she still felt a little crushed.

What a coincidence, for the two of them to wear matching outfits? To choose the same outfit?

When Lin Shiyi got up on stage, Qiao Anhao coincidentally finished her make up and sat in the break room with Zhao Meng. She wasn't at all interested in Lin Shiyi's performance, but when the woman said what her topic was her brows tightened.

Zhao Feiyan's drum dance.

As if wearing matching outfits wasn't enough, their performances also clashed?

Most importantly, this performance was an idea she and Lu Jinnian had come up with together. Not even Zhao Meng and his assistant knew, so how did Lin Shiyi learn of it?

Even if Qiao Anhao couldn't immediately guess how the woman found out, she knew that Lin Shiyi did all this to perform her dance before her, thus carefully planning to sabotage her performance.

Qiao Anhao, who felt a little down, was now completely crushed.

Lin Shiyi's drum routine was choreographed differently. Even though Qiao Anhao's one was spectacular, to be able to even perform such a highly difficult dance, it won Lin Shiyi everyone's appraisal. So much so that the judges gave her high scores.

The moment she had stepped on stage and back down, she intentionally shot Qiao Anhao a provoking look.

The performances from the five people after her were absolutely wonderful.

After seven people had finished their performances, Qiao Anhao walked up to the entrance of the stage. Through the long corridor, she could hear the judges on stage talk and give their scores. At the very end, just as the presenter was about to call out the final contestant, tonight's guest, Song Xiangsi suddenly said, "Sorry to interrupt for a moment."