Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 781

Chapter 781: I'm Pregnant (2)
Chapter 781: I'm Pregnant (2)
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The presenter swallowed his words, and said with a smile, "Please, Xiangsi, go ahead."

Song Xiangsi brought the microphone towards her mouth, and cleared her throat, "I'm delighted to be given this opportunity to be a guest on this competition, so I've especially prepared a surprise for everyone. Now that the competition is drawing to a close and there's only one actress left, I want to take up just ten minutes of the show to show everyone the surprise. I don't know if it's possible?"

The presenter was left dumbfounded by Song Xiangsi's request. He instinctively turned his head and looked over towards the leaders sitting in the sidelines. It was obvious that they hadn't been informed in advance, so the leaders were just as puzzled by Song Xiangsi's sudden request.

The best actress didn't even give them a chance to react, before she grabbed the microphone and stood up. She waved at the audience sitting behind her and said, "To everyone who came out tonight, I've prepared a surprise for you all. Are you excited?"

At first, the audience gave a mixed cry of the word "yeah", but in the end, the cries turned to a certain "yeah". Those cries were crisp and orderly, and they practically wiped out the entire set.

The few group leaders, who had got together to quietly discuss what was going on, saw that the audience was reacting so wildly and figured that if they didn't give Song Xiangsi ten minutes of their time, then it would cause everyone to protest. The leaders all nodded their heads. A staff member handed the leader in the center a microphone, to which he cleared his throat and said, "Okay."

The presenter immediately put the cards in his hands away, and improvising said beautifully, "Before our final contestant comes on stage, let us take a look at the surprise our guest, the dream woman Song Xiangsi has prepared for us."

The presenter raised his hand, and made a hand gesture to welcome Song Xiangsi.

Song Xiangsi gave a generous word of "Thanks", but she stayed at her guest appearance's spot and didn't walk up on stage. Instead, she looked from left to right, then cried "Please" in one direction.

The audience below the stage were left bewildered by Song Xiangsi's actions. There was an absolute silence on set.

About ten seconds had passed when everyone saw a tall person stand up from a seat on the first row on the far left. He strode slowly round to the far right side of the stage and up the steps.

A handsome face appeared on the large screen on stage. He wore a blue suit with a pretty tie.

He stood at the center of the stage. Because he didn't have a microphone in his hands, he looked to his left and right. The presenter beside him suddenly snapped out of his daze and handed his own microphone over.

The man nodded politely to the presenter to express his thanks. He turned back around and gave the audience below the stage a deep, ninety degree bow. Then he straightened up his body and broke the puzzled atmosphere on set. "Hello everybody, I am the current chairman of Xu Enterprise, Xu Jiamu."

Xu Jiamu... The moment those two words were thrown out there, the sound of chattering started to fill the silent set. Louder and louder it got, until eventually, the atmosphere grew chaotic.

"Xu Jiamu? Isn't that Qiao Anhao's ex-husband?"

"Yeah, why is he here today?"