Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 782

Chapter 782: I'm Pregnant(3)
Chapter 782: I'm Pregnant3
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"I still have no idea what Song Xiangsi is trying to do, didn't she say there was a surprise?"

"Yes, I thought that she wanted to sing live for us!"


Xu Jiamu remained calm among the buzzing crowd, and looked straight ahead firmly. Raising the microphone, he started to speak once more, "I'm deeply grateful to Miss Song Xiangsi for allowing me to have ten minutes of air time, and Im also grateful to the program team for allowing me to have these ten minutes. Today, Im not here to perform, instead, I would like to clarify something."

His last sentence silenced the audience and it looked at him expectantly.


Qiao Anhao stood backstage in confusion with her eyes glued to the screen.

Why did Xu Jiamu suddenly go on stage?

And what explanation? Why did he need to explain anything?


Today were the finals for the competition hence, so Lu Jinnian was prohibited backstage. He specifically brought his assistant to the first row of the VIP seats to watch her performance.

To be exact, this was the first time he was watching her as a live audience. The past three times he had been watching the live stream in his car while waiting for her to end.

Afraid that the crowd might recognize him, Lu Jinnian deliberately wore a cap. He had even lifted the collars for his coat so that half of his face was shielded.

He was there specifically to watch Qiao Anhao's performance and wasnt interested in the other performances, so hed been playing with his phone the entire time.

His assistant had been agitated through all the performances, leaning over to whisper his comments or using his elbow to nudge him. "Mr. Lu, look at her, don't you think she's pretty?" "Mr. Lu, the performance was amazing!"

Lu Jinnian ignored him multiple times, occasionally lifting his head in annoyance to glance at the stage. At such moments, his assistant would add in a placating manner, "But I believe that Miss Qiao is the best!"

Hehe... Bootlicker! Lu Jinnian would mock inwardly before turning back to play with his phone, but there would always be a blissful and smug smile on his face.

Before Qiao Anhao was up, Lu Jinnian had lifted his head twice.

The first time, it was to the familiar background music. He instinctively assumed that it was Qiao Anhao dancing, but on the stage that was a distance away from him he could see that Lin Shiyi was dressed in the exact same red dress that Qiao Anhao had.

He was the one who had helped his wife pick out the dance and the costume, and he didn't tell anyone about it, so how come she found out?

What about Qiao Qiao's program? If someone had already danced it, she would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Lu Jinnian glared at Lin Shiyi, his gaze turning cold.

The second time he lifted his head, it was after Song Xiangsi had fought for ten minutes and someone walked up on stage. His assistant had leaned over to exclaim, "Mr. Lu, its Mr. Xu."

Before he could process which Mr. Xu it was, he heard Xu Jiamu's voice. He instinctively clenched onto his phone, lifting his head to stare straight at his stepbrother.


There was a slight smile on Xu Jiamus face. "I believe that most of you here and in front of the television already know my name, and that's because of the scandal surrounding me and Qiao Anhao."