Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 783

Chapter 783: I'm Pregnant (4)
Chapter 783: I'm Pregnant (4)
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"That's right, I was in fact married to Miss Qiao, but besides our marriage, we have no feelings for each other. Simply speaking, Miss Qiao has always been a good friend of mine.

"If the low key wedding ceremony Qiao Anhao and I had was considered a wedding, then yes we were married. But in reality Qiao Anhao and I weren't a lawfully wedded couple. Up until now, I am single and unmarried, not single and divorced. In simple terms, we have never gotten a marriage certificate."

Xu Jiamu's tone of voice was calm, but the words from his mouth were like a landmine exploding with a rumble on set, leaving behind chaos and disorder.

Through it all, Xu Jiamu kept the same expression on his face. As he held the microphone up, he sluggishly said, "Also, the Xu Jiamu in the wedding photo everyone has seen online isn't me."

Before all the aftermath of the landmine could settle down, here was another explosion. Not only was the audience stunned, the judges grew just as rattled. So much so, one of them couldn't resist but to let the question slip, "Could there possibly be two Xu Jiamu's in the world?"

"That's right, there were in fact two Xu Jiamus," confirmed Xu Jiamu, leaving the audience in an uproar.

Because one judge spoke out, another judge couldn't help but speak up as well. "Two Xu Jiamus? Mr. Xu, this means that the Xu family has a set of twins?"

"The other Xu Jiamu is my older brother." Xu Jiamu paused for a moment, then continued to say a name, one word at a time. "Lu Jinnian."

The entire set was blasted completely open.

The judges rambled on, talking over each other.

"Mr. Lu? Mr. Lu and you look a tiny bit similar, but not entirely so."

"From the photo, it clearly looks like you Mr. Xu, but with an added scar."

"Let's not talk about this for now. Let me show everyone something." As Xu Jiamu said this, he pulled a document from his pocket and handed it to the presenter beside him. "Could I please trouble you to enlarge this document onto the big screen?"


"Thank you," Xu Jiamu said politely and elegantly.

"You're welcome." The presenter immediately ran down the stage with the document.

About five minutes later, photographs from the documents were displayed clearly on the big screen.

Everyone's attention was drawn to those photographs. Without so much as a peep from a crow, a silent slideshow was displayed with twenty seconds between photos. Xu Jiamu waited for the final photo to be displayed before he said, "This is my medical record from the hospital. From these photos, I believe everyone can clearly see the time from which I was officially conscious. Its last years September, not last February.

"However, I believe that many people must have a lot of questions, because last February Mrs. Han Ruchu definitely held a press conference to announce that the successor to Xu Enterprise, Mr. Xu Jiamu had woken up from a coma. Not only that but at the time the news media took photos of his discharge. After that, there were also many photos released of him attending various events.

"So the question then is whether last year's news are true, or what I'm currently saying is the real thing."