Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 787

Chapter 787: I'm Pregnant (8)
Chapter 787: I'm Pregnant (8)
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At this point, Qiao Anhao's tears had already started to fall.

Below the stage, the expression on the judges and the audiences' faces became a little tense.

Qiao Anhao tried hard to curve the corner of her lips, as she slowly continued, "There was a time when he left me. Before he left, he sent his friend an email. The email was really long, and it took up four pages of a five inch phone screen. Besides the first page, where he had to clarify some matters, every other word of the three pages after were about a woman. Even the very last sentence had my name in it."

Qiao Anhao couldn't help but snort as she continued to speak in a wailing voice. "After a long time, I learned that he went to America. When we were there, we ate at a Chinese restaurant. Because I was the only one eating, I only planned to order one dish, but when he got his hands on the menu, he didn't even look at it and chose a few dishes. The moment the dishes were served, I realized that they were all my favorite ones.

"At that moment, I really wanted to ask him the question I never got round to asking - just how many times did you eat in this Chinese restaurant on your own? And how many times did you order my favorite dishes to be able to order them without looking at the menu?

"Whilst filming "Heavenly Sword", the filming conditions were a little tough. There was one night when a thief sneaked into my room. At the time, the thief was really flustered, so he tried to smother me to death with a pillow. He appeared then, but quickly left. At the time, him and I were separated. That was the second time he saved my life. If we were in ancient times, after being saved once, you're meant to devote your life to them. He saved me twice, so I owe him this life and my next one."


As Qiao Anhao said this, most people below the stage were either crying or the rim of their eyes had become red.

"I'm not showing off, nor am I showing off how happy I am, though I am really happy. Even if it's showing off, it won't kill me. I just wanted to get up on stage and say what he's done for me. Now that I've said it, I want to tell him that although I've never said it out loud before, my heart remembers.

"To conclude the story, I want to tell him something."

With that, Qiao Anhao reached an empty hand out.

"I." Her hand made a 'paper' gesture.

"Love." The paper turned into scissors.

"You." The scissors turned into rock.

"Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao is confessing to you in front of the whole world!" whispered the assistant into Lu Jinnian's ear.

Lu Jinnian stared at Qiao Anhao on stage with eyes full of excitement.

He was just feeling regret over her not performing the drum dance, when... He never imagined that she'd turn around and give him such a big surprise.

Paper, scissors, rock.

It was the most beautiful confession with hand signs that he had once tried to tell her.

Things change over time. She stood under the spotlight and turned the confession with hand signs into a narrated confession with hand signs.

At this very moment, Qiao Anhao was really impulsive. In the end, she even wanted to add the words, "I've loved you for thirteen years". However, she thought back to the love letter she had written and kept for so many years but never gave him. With that, she felt a little regretful, and took a deep breath. She suppressed the words that were ceaselessly trying to jump out, then gave a bow and said, "My story is finished. Thank you everybody."

The entire set was silent.

In the end, it was the assistant who was the first to applaud, which prompted others to start applauding as well. Eventually, everyone in the competition was applauding and cheering.

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