Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 788

Chapter 788: I'm Pregnant (9)
Chapter 788: I'm Pregnant (9)
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The assistant saw Lu Jinnian sitting beside him transfixed by Qiao Anhao on stage. Other people all around them applauded enthusiastically, and the assistant couldn't help but nudge him with his arm. "Mr. Lu why aren't you applauding Miss Qiao? Are you suggesting that her performance just now wasn't great?"

Lunatic Lu Jinnian gave his assistant a dirty look, then continued to stare at Qiao Anhao intensely. He raised his hands and applauded her.

Hehe... If I didn't remind you, would you have known to applaud? The assistant turned his head, and waved the glowsticks in his hand. "Qiao Anhao, I support you the most!"


The presenter walked up on stage and stood next to Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Anhao's story just now was really touching. Up next, let's see how many points our judges will give your performance!"

The presenter made a hand gesture at the judges.

From left to right, the judges spoke one after the other.

"The story was so touching, your storytelling was so vivid. If we judge the performance alone, it was fantastic, I give you full points."

"For the story alone, I give it full points."

"After hearing your story, I think this is the most beautiful love story I've ever heard. I wish you both happiness. Full points."


The final person to speak was tonight's guest, Song Xiangsi. She tilted her head and shot Qiao Anhao a beaming smile. She lifted her head. "In my eyes, she is the best candidate for the leading female Hollywood actress."

"Wow, full points! On this occasion, Miss Qiao Anhao has convinced our entire judging panel. Now, up next, we'll move on to our live audience's score." The moment the presenter's voice dropped, the audience held up their controllers to give their scores.

"Currently, Qiao Anhao is ranked fourth."


"Oh, second."

"The numbers are on the rise."

"We're about to start the countdown."

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!"

The instant the presenter screamed 'one', Qiao Anhao coincidentally surpassed the first place contestant in scores. Having overturned the game like that in the final seconds, the presenter was enthralled by it.

"Congratulations, Qiao Anhao for being crowned the female lead in our Hollywood casting competition. Up next, we have to proceed with the ceremony - the live signing ceremony. We must welcome the director of the movie, who personally traveled from America, and our master of ceremonies."

As the music played, the assistant grinned from ear to ear. He stared at Lu Jinnian and said, "Mr. Lu, congratulations. Miss Qiao came in first place."

"Thanks." After being confessed to in front of everyone, it was so obvious that Lu Jinnian was in an exceedingly good mood. For the first time, he replied to his assistant who had been chattering non-stop all night.

"Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao received first place, aren't you going to treat us to a meal?"

You're not the one who got first place, if someone has to be treated, it should be Qiao Anhao Lu Jinnian didn't think twice to answer, "Not interested."

"Then I'll go find Miss Qiao to treat me. She'll definitely agree." The assistant turned his head, and silently cursed, 'Stingy!'

Lu Jinnian's gave his assistant the side-eye. All of a sudden, as though he'd just remembered something, he said, "Shen Mingzhe, if I remember correctly, Qiao Qiao mentioned that I wrote an email to a friend. Did she mean you? Didn't I make it clear for you not to tell her?"

Crap! He was so moved by Miss Qiao's story and so excited for her to get the prize that he forgot that he betrayed Mr. Lu!