Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 792

Chapter 792: The Love Letter from the Past(3)
Chapter 792: The Love Letter from the Past3
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"Yes, why did we not notice him, we could have gotten his autograph!"

"What a pity..."


Lu Jinnian carried Qiao Anhao out of the competition ground to his car.

He opened the passenger seat before carefully placing her inside. He then adjusted the seat so she would have more leg room and a more comfortable position. At the same time, he did not ask her which position felt better for her.

Qiao Anhao was just a month pregnant therefore there was not much difference yet, she was not bothered by the position of the seat. Initially, she told him patiently that the position was fine, he didnt need to adjust it anymore.

But Lu Jinnian was not convinced, he would continuously fiddle with the buttons. "What about now? As compared to the previous position, which is better? ... What about this angle? Would you feel better? ... What about this angle?"

Halfway through, Qiao Anhao gave up. She rolled her eyes in exasperation and begun ignoring his questions. When he sensed her annoyance, he stopped fiddling with the control. "Qiao Qiao, are you sure you feel okay with the current position?"

"Lu Jinnian..." Even someone with the mildest temper would blow up at him right now, but just after she said his name in agitation, he released her safety belt to continue adjusting her seat. "No, the seatbelt will crush your belly in this position, it cant be good for the baby. "

Qiao Anhao tilted her head to the side and took a calming breath to suppress the flame rising within her. She struggled to keep a smile on her face as she glanced at him. "The doctor said that the baby has not formed yet, it's still the size of a bean so my seating position will not affect it. "

"Which doctor said that? He must be a quack, how can my child be a bean?" Lu Jinnian retorted as he continued to fiddle with the seat. He would pull the seatbelt to test the length, then keep finding that it was never right. Turning to his assistant who was carrying Qiao Anhao's bag, he instructed, "You can drive, I'll sit behind with Qiao Qiao."

"Yes, Mr. Lu." His assistant hurriedly open the back door, and Lu Jinnian placed Qiao Anhao into the seat cautiously to make sure she was comfortable and secure, then scooted in beside her.

The backseat could not be adjusted like the front, so Lu Jinnian was afraid that she would not be able to rest so he placed a pillow behind her. "Qiao Qiao, how does that feel? Is it more comfortable?"

He then replaced the pillow with a bigger one. "Is this one better? Or is the previous one better?

"What about if you use two of them together?"

He was at it again... Even though it was care and concern, too much was infuriating!

Qiao Anhao decided to stop replying to him and grabbed the two pillows and tossed them at him. Without even looking at him, she turned to his assistant.

"Mian Xiu Garden!"