Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 798

Chapter 798: The Love Letter from the Past(9)
Chapter 798: The Love Letter from the Past9
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Lu Jinnian frowned and took the wallet out. He then reached back in to feel the inside of his pocket and found a blue letter.

The letter was slightly worn and there were creases at the side. In the middle, there was a faded pink heart.

It seemed like the kind of thing that school girls would play with... Did Qiao Anhao put it in his pocket?

Lu Jinnian hesitated slightly, but before he could open the letter, his assistant leaned over with curiosity. "Mr. Lu, what is it? Doesn't it look like a love letter?"

The moment Lu Jinnian laid eyes on the letter, he sort of guessed that it was a love letter... Back when he was still in school, he would often find such letters in his drawer but since there was already someone in his heart, they never interested him. He would toss them all out, unopened.

But before he read the contents, he couldn't be sure that this was a love letter as well. A faint red glow stained his cheeks, and he quickly stuffed it back into his pocket with his wallet before replying faintly, "Let's go back to the office."

The entire car ride back, Lu Jinnian's mind was filled with the letter.

Was that why Qiao Qiao ironed his jacket for him? What was it that she couldn't just tell him face to face?

The second half of the meeting was at 3 pm, and when they arrived at the company, it was already two thirty. Lu Jinnian locked the door after entering his office, then settled down behind his desk and pulled the letter out. A hard to explain emotion started to creep in, and he was actually feeling anxious. It was the same feeling as when they had a close encounter for the first time.

Lu Jinnian stared at the letter for a long while. He took in a deep breath before nervously opening the envelope. Inside was a pink letter folded into a heart shape.

Lu Jinnian's heart sped up; heart-shaped letters like this one were a trend when he was younger. As a solemn child, it was hard for him to get someone to teach him things so he would secretly stare at the girls in his class when they were folding such letters. At that time, he had indeed to learn how to fold it, but his stare caused one of the girls in his class to misunderstand. One day after class she had stopped to ask him for a movie date.

Lu Jinnian trembled as he opened up the heart then used his palms to flatten the paper. His palms was soaked with sweat, and he swallowed his saliva before lowering his head to look at what was written inside.

The handwriting looked young, it was similar to Qiao Anhao's current handwriting but was a little childish, just like it was back in high school.

The letter started of with Lu Jinnian and a comma beside it.

Lu Jinnian,

This letter may seem very sudden but I hope you won't feel disturbed.

There was a cheeky smile beside the word 'disturbed' which brought a faint smile to his lips.