Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Reminiscing about the Good Times (1)
Chapter 800: Reminiscing about the Good Times (1)
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Or could Lu Jinnian possibly take it as... Qiao Anhao had started to like him many years ago?

This explanation made him feel like someone had hit his pressure points. He held the letter, frozen in his office chair. His ears heard no sound and he could feel his own heart racing especially quick - dong dong dong - like thunder had striking violently.

That ain't right. He had to figure out what was going on.

Lu Jinnian pulled out his phone and tapped Qiao Anhao's name. Just as he was about to call her, he remembered the recording pen Qiao Anxia had given him. If he told her... then wouldn't she know that Qiao Anxia had been meddling behind her back?

He knew just how much she cared for her big sister Qiao Anxia... If she learned about this, she'd feel terrible. Moreover, right now, she was pregnant.

Lu Jinnian paused for a moment, before eventually returning to his contacts.

He never saved Qiao Anxia's number, but even if he did ask her about what happened with the recording pen, she perhaps might not tell him... just like how she didn't tell him where Qiao Anhao was.

So he could only find Xu Jiamu.

Xu Jiamu...

Lu Jinnian paused for a moment and thought back to how Xu Jiamu had went up on stage to clear Qiao Anhao and his name without any hesitation at yesterday's competition.

If it weren't for him, then perhaps it would be difficult for Qiao Anhao to ever clear her name.

If it weren't for him stepping in at the most important moment, he and Qiao Anhao would have really gone through with the emigration idea.

Even if there was resentment between him and Han Ruchu, Xu Jiamu had never treated him poorly.

What's more, during lunch he overheard a shareholder saying that Han Ruchu had been taken to a hospital at night after coughing up blood from rage due to her own son's betrayal. Her condition had only stabilized this morning.

No matter how evil Han Ruchu was... she was still Xu Jiamu's mother. After his mother has been angered to this extent, he must be feeling the most upset now, right?

Lu Jinnian thought deeply about it for a moment, before finally tapping Xu Jiamu's name and making the call.


After leaving the competition, Xu Jiamu received a call from the Xu family estate which said that Han Ruchu was admitted into a hospital for coughing up blood from anger.

He hurriedly drove over there and kept watch all night, until her condition stabilized and she woke up.

However, when his mother opened her eyes, the instant she saw him she went crazy. She sat up, launched herself at him, and slapped him in the face without a second thought. She was as bitter with resentment as one could be. "From today onward, you're no son of mine! You're so high and mighty, so selfless, and I'm a despicable, lowly person. Get out of here!"

Xu Jiamu tried to comfort his mother, but how could she cope with the fact that her own son made a fool of her in front of the whole word? How could she calm down? In the end, she pointed straight at the open door for him to leave, as she suddenly spat a mouthful of blood. Eventually, the housekeeper hastily pushed Xu Jiamu out.

"Young master, I'm not trying to tell you off but how could you help outsiders and treat madam like that? She gave birth to you, and suffered bitter hardships to raise you so big. How can you live it up to her?"

Xu Jiamu stood at the door. He could still hear his mother wailing inside. Her cries pierced his bones and went straight into his heart.

Whilst being blamed by the housekeeper, he gradually lowered his eyes.

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