Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Reminiscing about the Good Times (4)
Chapter 803: Reminiscing about the Good Times (4)
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When Lu Jinnian heard those two words, his eyes flickered and he stayed silent for quite some time before speaking up. "Actually, I never blamed you."

One simple sentence made the rims of Xu Jiamu's eyes turn red. His Adam's apple rolled up and down, and he said, "I know."

He really did know that his brother never blamed him.

If he did blame him, then why would he leave Xu Enterprise for him to manage.

If he blamed him, then why would he write his name among the beneficiaries on his will.

Actually, Xu Jiamu never blamed Lu Jinnian either.

Even if he did acquire Xu Enterprise, and he had angrily went over to find him and said some terribly irresponsible words, he only did it on impulse, because his mother had fainted out of anger.

If he really did blame him, then he wouldn't have gotten so agitated when he overheard his mother and Aunt Yun cursing his brother continuously.

If he really did blame him, then he wouldn't always think about how great he was.

Even though the two of them only exchanged a few words, the atmosphere in the stadium became a little emotional.

After a long while, Xu Jiamu raised his hand and covered his eyes. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, then said with his usual playful tone of voice, "I say... what are we doing? Why are the two great masters arguing?"

Who made the atmosphere like this? Lu Jinnian let out a "Hehe", then gave Xu Jiamu a side glance and didn't bother with him after.

Having been given the side eye, Xu Jiamu wasn't at all angry, but rather, he felt himself relax.

In actuality, between men, this was how they resolved their issues. Unlike women who had long speeches. A few words and an apology was all that was needed. As they lightheartedly worked out drenched in sweat, all misunderstandings would easily be cleared up just like that.

"Let me ask you something," Lu Jinnian said after about five minutes.

"En?" Xu Jiamu turned his head to see Lu Jinnian's sweating side profile, then added, "What?"

His brothers tone of voice was flat when he spoke, the question casual. "Qiao Qiao... Back then, she wrote a love letter. Did you know?"

"Love letter?" Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows, as though he was trying to recollect something. After some time passed, he suddenly remembered. "What youre talking about happened many years ago, right? At the time, we hadn't even graduated university yet. If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have even remembered it happened. Her love letter was cheesy as hell. Something about... I've dreamed so many dreams, and you were in every single one..."

Because such a long time had passed, Xu Jiamu couldn't remember clearly what was said at the time. He just said a sentence and then continued, "And something like, 'you are the whole world to me'... All in all, it was so incredibly cheesy."

Even though Xu Jiamu didn't quite connect the sentences in Qiao Anhao's love letter, Lu Jinnian could still tell that it was from her letter that he read in the afternoon. With that, he continued to calmly ask, "How do you know what was in the love letter?"

"She read it out for me to hear. She wanted me to check if it was all right. At the time, I practically had goosebumps. She was an artistic young woman, and so she wrote something so poetic." Xu Jiamu shook his head, then as though he had suddenly remembered something, he said, "Back then, I even helped her change a line in her love letter."