Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Reminiscing about the Good Times (5)
Chapter 804: Reminiscing about the Good Times (5)
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The moment Lu Jinnian heard this, he had an inkling inside about what Xu Jiamu was going to say next. Yet he pretended as though he hadn't a clue, and asked in response, "What line?"

"The sentence she wrote was..." Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows and contemplated for a moment, then said, "'In this lifetime, I will love you the most.' I changed it to 'In this lifetime, I will only love you.' Doesn't it sound much better? 'Only' means 'one' whereas 'most' means that she has fallen in love a lot... tsk tsk tsk... So? My suggestion wasn't bad, right?"

Xu Jiamu couldn't help but feel immeasurably self-satisfied over his single adjustment.

Beside him, Lu Jinnian's heart was swelling up.

So, back then, Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu weren't actually expressing their love for each other... She just found him to check over her love letter.

Qiao Anhao may have given him the love letter today, but she actually wrote it many years ago, which goes to say, his initial speculations were correct... When she wrote this love letter, she already liked him?

Then did that suggest, in all these years, he wasn't the only one who tried his utmost to love the other. The two of them had actually used all their strength to love one another, but neither of them had the courage to say "I love you"?

Xu Jiamu was there on his own, admiring himself for a while, when he suddenly turned around to Lu Jinnian and said in curiosity. "Bro, do you know who Qiao Qiao wrote that love letter for? Back then, I asked her so many times, but she wouldn't tell me no matter what."

Lu Jinnian, who was deep in thought, didn't even hear what Xu Jiamu was asking. For a long time now, his chest had been overwhelmed by shock and excitement.

Throughout all his life, he thought that the most heart-rending thing was to suddenly learn that the person you have had a crush on for so many years coincidentally was crushing on you as well.

Xu Jiamu was long used to how silent Lu Jinnian was. After he spoke, he continued, "Forget it. It doesn't matter who she liked back then, Qiao Qiao is already married to you. However, bro, why didn't you tell me earlier that you liked Qiao Qiao?"

Lu Jinnian still didn't bother with him.

Xu Jiamu said pitifully, "If I had known you liked Qiao Qiao, I'd have definitely not had any relations with her. That way, you guys could've gotten together ages ago."

He bumped Lu Jinnian's arm. "Oi, you say that you and Qiao Qiao are already married, shouldn't you treat me for a meal?"

After he was nudged by Xu Jiamu, Lu Jinnian didn't think much of what he had to say next, and gave him a halfhearted "En" in response.

"Also, you guys never had a wedding ceremony?"


"You proposed?"


"And the ring? A while back, I saw someone online say that Qiao Qiao wasn't wearing a ring after she got married to you. Isn't that too shabby?"


"Oi, Lu Jinnian, are you even listening to what I'm saying?" Xu Jiamu couldn't help but get angry at how Lu Jinnian gave single syllable answers.

"En?" This time, Lu Jinnian finally spoke with emotion. But then, after he said this, his phone, left on the sidelines, suddenly started to ring. Lu Jinnian grabbed it to see that Qiao Anhao was calling. He hastily took the call. "Qiao Qiao? What's up? ... En, I'm playing basketball with Jiamu..."