Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 805

Chapter 805: Reminiscing about the Good Times (6)
Chapter 805: Reminiscing about the Good Times (6)
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"I've finished playing now. I'll be on my way home right away. If you're tired, rest early, don't wait for me. ... En, milk? I got it. I'll drop by the supermarket. Is there something else you want to eat or want me to bring back with me? Fruit? And? Nothing, alright..."

Xu Jiamu looked at Lu Jinnian. There wasn't a single hint of annoyance on him as he chatted on the phone with a gentle look on his face. Xu Jiamu stared dumbstruck for a long while, before he blinked. Jeez... Why was he using full sentences when he was just gave him five "Ens" and "Ohs" just now. Qiao Anhao hadn't said ten words while she casually checked up on him, and yet he actually responded with twice as many words?

He and Qiao Anhao were both talking to Lu Jinnian, and yet how was the special treatment so obviously different?

It was like heaven and hell...

Xu Jiamu couldn't resist but make fun of himself in a sad voice. "The whole special treatment thing is enough as it is, now I have to call her 'sister-in-law' when she was the one who used to call me 'brother' when she saw me..."

When Lu Jinnian hung up , he coincidentally heard these words and couldn't help but curve the corners of his lips. Then he got up off of the ground and casually patted the dirt off himself. He looked at Xu Jiamu and reached his arm out.

His brother raised his arm and clutched his hand. With a forceful tug, Lu Jinnian lifted Xu Jiamu from the ground. He immediately let go of him and grabbed his clothes from the sidelines, then headed right out of the stadium.

Xu Jiamu hurriedly picked up his own clothes, cleared the floor of rubbish, and caught up to him. "Must you go home now? Want to find somewhere to get a drink?"

As Lu Jinnian zipped up his jacket, he shook his head with a distressed yet infinitely boastful look on his face. "A family person isn't as free as you are. I have to head back."

Hmpf... He spoke as if before he had a family he was free everyday. Like it was ever easy to drag him out at night.

Xu Jiamu couldn't resist but let out a disdainful chuckle.

Lu Jinnian wasn't the least bit offended. He reached his arm out and patted Xu Jiamu's shoulders. "There's nothing I can do... your sister-in-law is pregnant now. I'm worried that she's home alone."

"Let's go. I have to go home early." As he said this, Lu Jinnian pulled open the car door and got in

It wasn't until after he had started the car up and left that Xu Jiamu blinked and snapped back to his senses. Sister-in-law... Sister-in-law... Lu Jinnian definitely heard his taunt just now and purposefully said that!

Having been hit on the inside, Xu Jiamu got into his own car. His phone's alert went off twice. He picked it up to find that Lu Jinnian had sent him two text messages.

The first message had two simple words: Thank you.

The second message had a few more words: Throughout history, mothers never bore deep grudges.

Xu Jiamu looked at both texts and instantly felt a strangely warm sensation tightly enveloping him.

He knew that Lu Jinnian was thanking him for clearing things up yesterday.

He also knew that the second message was to comfort him.

That cold and detached man was always like that. His words were able to prod the softest part of his heart with no difficulty.

Xu Jiamu didn't reply the texts. Instead he leaned back into the car seat and closed his eyes. At that moment, he realized that he was now the calmest hed ever been in the last six months. It was as though he had unloaded a heavy backpack and an unprecedented sensation of freedom surfaced from the deepest part of his heart.

It wasn't like he wasn't worried over his mother's poor health, but he just didn't regret the decision he made yesterday.

His mother committed far too many, and far too severe, injustices. So much so, she took a life.