Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 811

Chapter 811: Reminiscing about the Good Times (12)
Chapter 811: Reminiscing about the Good Times (12)
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Lu Jinnian had paper and pen on him. Even after having not touched the textbook for so many years, he pulled his note book and proceeded to comfortably answer a chemistry question.

He had only casually flipped through two pages of the chemistry textbook when he pulled out a lilac envelope from his pocket. He gently pushed it in front of Qiao Anhao and nudged her arm.

The teen novel was so gripping, Qiao Anhao was a little captivated by the story. All of a sudden, she felt Lu Jinnian nudging her arm. She swiftly turned her head to see a blue envelope beside her. Instinctively, she looked over at Lu Jinnian with a pen in hand, slowly writing in his notebook, effortlessly answering the chemistry questions.

Qiao Anhao blinked in confusion, then picked up the purple envelope. She opened it to find a folded piece of paper. She pulled the warm yellow colored paper and unfolded it. There, was Lu Jinnian's elegant cursive handwriting.

Classmate Qiao Anhao,

I was delighted to receive your letter.

If you don't mind, can I ask you out tonight at half seven?

Classmate Lu Jinnian.

Below, the letter was dated to five years ago. With that, Qiao Anhao suddenly realized that this letter was a response to the one she had put in his suit jacket a few days ago.

The corner of her lips couldn't help but rise. She stared at the letter for a moment, then pulled her arm out and stole Lu Jinnian's pen from his hands. On the other side of the letter she received, she wrote a passage.

Classmate Lu Jinnian,

Tonight, see you there!

Classmate Qiao Anhao.

Then she folded the letter and placed it into the envelope, pushing it back in front of Lu Jinnian.

He saw her message and let out a gentle laugh. He picked up the paper she'd left to one side, the quickly scribbled a few words. Without folding it up and placing it into the envelope, he directly handed it to her.

Qiao Anhao saw that Lu Jinnian had written five simple words on it: See you at half seven.

Unable to contain herself, she let out a giggle but quickly managed to stop. She didn't know why but deep down inside, she felt a tinge of sadness.

If Lu Jinnian had told her that he liked her earlier, then perhaps she would have summoned the courage to tell him that she liked him as well. If that happened, then they would of been just as happy as they are now but earlier?

She took the pen from his hands and bit it out of habit, deep in thought. After a while, she wrote on the letter paper. What a pity that we missed out on so many years together.

When Lu Jinnian saw these words, his relaxed complexion stiffened for a moment. Before he could write a word though, Qiao Anhao pulled the letter paper back and wrote, At first, did you constantly treat me hot and cold because of Brother Jiamu?

As Qiao Anhao wrote this, she thought back to the time when they pretended to be husband and wife. There was one time when she stayed over at his villa in Mount Yi and they spoke for a long time about the woman he loved.

At the time, he told her she was married. She never imagined that the woman he spoke of was her, but now that she thought about it... To him, she was married at the time. Then there was also that one time when he was drunk back in Mian Xiu Garden. He had hugged her and said, 'Why am I not the one you love?'.