Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 813

Chapter 813: Reminiscing about the Good Times (14)
Chapter 813: Reminiscing about the Good Times (14)
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Qiao Anhao, who was just moved to a mess of tears by Lu Jinnian, couldn't help but giggle out loud. She then hastily covered her mouth with her hands when she realized that she was still in the library.

Lu Jinnian was so childish... he got carried away with the whole love letter game!

Whilst Qiao Anhao called him out for being immature, she replied to him even more childishly, "Got it, classmate Lu."


When Qiao Anhao came out of the library, the skies were already dark.

The sports field was a little far from where she was. Back in middle high, it took twenty minutes to get there after school.

Though Qiao Anhao may have been impatient, she didn't dare to walk too quickly because she was pregnant. On top of this, it was the weekend, so there weren't many street lights lit up. When she reached the basketball court, it was already twenty to eight.

The entrance to the sports field was through the basketball court.

There were lights over the platform in the sports field. When they were on, they could turn the dark sports field into a field of white. Yet, today, the sports field was only lit up by a few ordinary lamp posts. The rays of light were pale yellow, and they only gave light to the path for pedestrians.

Qiao Anhao just reached the racing track when she received Lu Jinnian's text: [From your current position, walk straight ahead.]

When she compliantly strode over to the front of the platform, he sent another text message. [Turn your back to the platform and walk to the center.]

Qiao Anhao stood on the spot for a moment, doubtful. In the end though, she still turned around and headed over to the center of the sports field.

The closer she got, the dimmer the lights shone. She didn't know how far she had walked, but seeing as Lu Jinnian wasn't in sight, she pulled out her phone, wanting to give him a call. All of a sudden, all the lamp posts in the sports field went out.

Tonight, there was no light from the sky, it was new moon. The entire sports field was instantly pitch-black. When Qiao Anhao lifted her head, she saw the faint glimmer of stars.

She stood helpless and confused. She quickly turned her phone on and searched for Lu Jinnian's number. Before she could call him, she suddenly heard the eruption of firecrackers popping off.

She lifted her head up in curiosity to see a load of fireworks. Infinite glowing multicolored lights fell all around her, lighting up the pitch-black night sky.

Qiao Anhao gaped in shock. Then another series of blasts went off. Clusters of fire shot into the sky, and erupted into an overwhelming display of giant rings of light.

In the end, the sky above the entire sports field was shrouded in fireworks.

It was just a shame that they had come and ended so quickly. In just five short minutes, they disappeared .

Qiao Anhao suddenly snapped back to her senses. She pulled her phone out and dialed Lu Jinnian's number. Before she could hear the sound of the call connecting, it was answered. She brought the phone to her ear, obviously excited. "You set off the fireworks?"

"Did you like them?"

She heard those words twice. Once by her ear, and another from her phone.

She was stunned for about three seconds, then responded. She abruptly turned her head to find Lu Jinnian standing silently to her left.

With one hand in his pocket, and one hand holding up the phone to his ear, he stood poised. He had his head raised slightly up to the sky, staring at the last fireworks.

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