Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Reminiscing about the Good Times (15)
Chapter 814: Reminiscing about the Good Times (15)
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Qiao Anhao hung up and put her phone away. "When did you get here?"

"About thirty seconds ago." Lu Jinnian also put his phone away. The entire sports field faded back into darkness when the fireworks completely disappeared. He then gradually turned his head and looked over at Qiao Anhao.

Even if the only light in the sports fields came for the neon lights of a town block far away, she could see the intense burning glow in his eyes.

"Qiao Qiao, do you still remember this place?" asked Lu Jinnian very gently and calmly. He didn't wait for her to respond and continued regardless. "That year we entered first year of high school and had to report to the sports field as new students. That was when you and I first officially met. It was right in front of the platform, just about the center of the sports field..."

"I remember," Qiao Anhao said. "Anxia and I came over to find Brother Jiamu, and you were coincidentally with him at the time, talking about something."

"En, Xu Jiamu introduced us. You hid behind Qiao Anxia with a shy smile and said timidly, 'Hello, I'm Qiao Anhao.'" Lu Jinnian thought back to the time when they first met, and couldn't help but curve the corner of his lips up. "That was the first time you spoke to me."

"You were rather reserved when you replied with a flat "en" to my introduction. In the end, Brother Jiamu had to tell me your name," complained Qiao Anhao, as she remembered the scene of how they first officially met as well.

"I remember at the time, it wasn't an 'en' it was 'hi'," corrected Lu Jinnian.

Having been nitpicked, Qiao Anhao puffed up her cheeks and pursed her lips, a little annoyed.

Lu Jinnian let out a chuckle, reached his hand out, and stroked her long hair. Under the wandering night lights, he said in a simple and elegant manner, "Qiao Qiao, don't I owe you a few words?"

"En?" Qiao Anhao turned her head in confusion, then looked at him. "What?"

Lu Jinnian didn't look at her, but instead stared right ahead. He slowly blinked, then said, "Qiao Qiao, can I go after you?"

Qiao Anhao never imagined that he would say something like that, so she couldnt help but gape at him.

He fell silent for about a minute, then said, "After I got your attention, I would still have to say, 'Qiao Qiao, will you be my girlfriend?"

Lu Jinnian suddenly turned around when he said this. As the light was quite dim, Qiao Anhao couldn't see his face clearly, but she could feel how intense the atmosphere was. She stared at him in a daze. Deep down inside, she guessed what he was going to say next, which made her feel nervous. Her hand subconsciously gripped her sleeves.

All of a sudden, a warm yellow light lit up behind Lu Jinnian. She was stunned, as warm yellow lights started to light up on her left, right, and behind her.

All the way down to the very end of the sports field.

Then those lights started to flicker. Qiao Anhao scanned her surroundings in astonishment. There, in the center of the sports field, were colorful lights hidden in a man-made field of grass. Under them, she saw that the grass field was adorned with scattered Lisianthus petals.