Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 816

Chapter 816: Reminiscing about the Good Times (17)
Chapter 816: Reminiscing about the Good Times (17)
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Qiao Anhao took a step back in shock. With her clouded vision, she heard what sounded like a box being opened. Then she saw the unlit multicolored lights around her flash on one after the other around her and Lu Jinnian.

Under the glow of thousands of them, she clearly saw the dark purple box in Lu Jinnian's hands. Within it there was a ring with a deep blue diamond that shimmered in the dark night.

In the midst of the bright lights, Lu Jinnian looked up to see Qiao Anhaos face. After about ten seconds, he said in a serious tone, "The third year of middle school, you listened to "Common Jasmine Orange", so I bought an album of Jay Chou.

"The first year of high school, you saw "Flowers in Never Dream", so I bought a novel of Guo Jingming.

"The second year of high school, you fell in love with the hot spicy soup restaurant opposite the school, so I ate there many times on my own.

"The third year of high school, you fell in love with QQ, so I signed up on QQ.

"In university, we were in two different places. I would follow your QQ every day, listen to the songs you listened to, read the books you read, and space out seeing photos that you posted.

"After graduation, you and I were estranged. I kept thousands of unsent messages to you on my phone."

Qiao Anhao was stunned to tears by Lu Jinnian's grand plan.

"There were still several hundreds of scattered posts. I followed your Weibo and WeChat Moments activity, and messages I wrote them to you.

"But, Qiao Anhao, I don't want to silently follow you anymore. I want to listen to your favorite songs together with you, read your favorite books by your side, go to your favorite places and eat your favorite foods alongside you.

"I also want to be able to look at your face every night, say 'Goodnight' and 'Good morning' to you as soon as you wake up.

"In future years to come, I wish to spend New Years with you, everyones birthdays, and Valentine's day.


Lu Jinnian took a breath and stared into her eyes, notably more focused now. "Qiao Anhao, will you marry me?"

Large teardrops fell from the corners of Qiao Anhao's eyes. She tried hard to raise the corner of her lips as she hastily nodded at him. With a tearful voice, she said, "Yes."

Today, he said he was casually going to take her for a walk, was it all just to propose to her?

They got married quite suddenly, so they didn't have wedding bands, not to mention a wedding proposal and wedding ceremony. Nor did he ever buy a ring for her. Even though she never mentioned it to him, but she thought about it occasionally and got quite disappointed over it. Now that she was pregnant, it was clear that she and Lu Jinnian were going to be together for the rest of their lives, and so she had had the urge to go and buy a set of rings to complete their marriage.

That very idea pained her heart though.

Yet she never imagined that he'd actually propose to her so lavishly where they first officially met.

Even though there wasn't an audience, applause, or someone taking photos, it was still intensely emotional and pleasantly happy.

At that thought, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but burst out laughing with a face full of tears. She gave a reaffirming nod and repeated again, "Yes."