Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 818

Chapter 818: Reminiscing about the Good Times (19)
Chapter 818: Reminiscing about the Good Times (19)
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When Qiao Anhao asked this, there were clearly hints of admiration in her voice, but Lu Jinnian wasn't the least bit conceited. Instead, his heart felt even more stifled.

Qiao Anhao completely didn't notice that the person beside her looked extremely poor. She just looked the diamond ring up and down, then gleefully complimented her husband, "Lu Jinnian, you're just awesome!"

The compliments sounded like ridicule to his ears. He finally couldn't help but grit his teeth and cried out, "Qiao-An-Hao!"

Qiao Anhao felt his anger and shivered in fright. She raised her head and secretly glanced at him, then quickly turned away. Her eyes quivered non-stop as she racked her brain over why he could possibly be mad.

Government reports all said that the whereabouts of Heart of Eternity were unknown. What's more, it was so expensive... Qiao Anhao thought that it couldn't be real, so she thought about it more. Eventually, she figured that even if the diamond was an imitation, she couldn't say it aloud, because Lu Jinnian would lose face...

Then she instinctively shot her hand out, grabbed his cuff-link, and started to act cute. "Sorry, I was wrong. Don't be mad..."

Lu Jinnian's brows instantly smoothed over. He was just about to tell Qiao Anhao that it was the real Heart of Eternity, but she begun to pout, trying to play up to him. "Even if I know it's an imitation of Heart of Eternity, I still love it the most!"

Lu Jinnian didn't think twice and threw Qiao Anhao's hand away, turned around, and walked away from the sports field. He hadn't walked five meters away when he turned back and stared at Qiao Anhao with anger in his eyes."It's real!"

Then he took hold of her hand and left.

He held her hand for quite a distance, before she had a delayed response. "Lu Jinnian, you're saying that this diamond really is the Heart of Eternity?"

He didn't say a word but gave her a side-eye that said "What do you think?".

"It really is the real Heart of Eternity!" Qiao Anhao raised the hand with the ring. As she admired it, she couldn't help but gasp in admiration. "Lu Jinnian, you're truly awesome! You even got the Heart of Eternity!"

This time, her compliment made Lu Jinnian feel happy and a lot more at ease.

"You must've spent a lot of money..." she then added with a trace of pity in her voice.

Perhaps it was because he said so many genuinely romantic words at tonight's proposal, Lu Jinnian hadn't pulled himself out of the moment just yet. He couldn't help but pinch Qiao Anhao's hand, wanting to tell her "It doesn't matter how much it costs, as long as you like it".

But then, the woman he was holding didn't even wait for him to speak before she started to mumble to herself beside him. "I actually own such a valuable diamond ring. If one day we get a divorce, then I'll still be a rich woman... Ah... Lu Jinnian, why did you hit my butt..."


When Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao finished dinner, they returned to Mian Xiu Garden at eleven at night.

The two of them took their separate showers, then Lu Jinnian watched as Qiao Anhao took her folic acid, and they got into the bed together.

Having been proposed to, Qiao Anhao was so happy she couldn't sleep. Every now and then, she glanced at the Heart of Eternity on her hand. In the end, Lu Jinnian's one warning "Look at it again and I'll take the ring back" frightened her so much that she hurriedly shut her eyes and squeezed herself into his arms. She then obediently stayed still.

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