Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 821

Chapter 821: Meeting the Parents (2)
Chapter 821: Meeting the Parents (2)
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Qiao Anhao subconsciously balled her hands into a fist, until Qiao Anxia walked in. Then she shouted out, "Sis!"

When Qiao Anxia heard her sisters voice, she slightly lowered her eyes. After a while, she turned her head, and her eyes fell on Lu Jinnian. She stared at him for quite a long time, before she moved her eyes to Qiao Anhao. Then, she slightly lifted her chin, and sat in an empty seat next to Father Qiao without saying a word.

Even though Qiao Anxia only shot her a look, Qiao Anhao could clearly feel the cold and distant aura within her eyes.

Her body involuntarily stiffened.

Mother Qiao didn't know that Qiao Anxia tried to go out with Lu Jinnian, so when she saw her take a seat, she also sat down and said with a beaming smile, "I was just about to go upstairs to call you, when you came down. Also, Xia Xia, Lu Jinnian especially bought you those gifts over there. He's so considerate. He bought you all your favorites and they're all items from the new season."

Lu Jinnian was so busy talking to Father Qiao about business, he didn't notice what was going on. As he was sitting next to Qiao Anhao, he clearly felt her body tense up. Deep down inside, he understood that it must've have something to do with Qiao Anxia.

Now that he heard Mother Qiao's words, he immediately politely and gently said, "Auntie, how would I know what Miss Qiao likes. Qiao Qiao personally chose them in the shopping mall. That Chanel bag... Qiao Qiao said Miss Qiao likes it in blue, and that she likes it in rose too. In the end, she even told me to just buy them both."

In truth, Lu Jinnian was the one who wanted to buy both Chanel bags. At the time, Qiao Anhao was confused why he did that but now that he said this, she finally understood. Lu Jinnian did this so that Qiao Anxia would know just how much her sister cared about her.

Lu Jinnian's attentiveness warmed Qiao Anhao's heart for a moment, and she instinctively turned to look at Qiao Anxia.

Her sister acted as though she didn't hear what Mother Qiao and Lu Jinnian said. She didn't even bother sweeping a glance at the shopping bags in the corner, but stared straight at an advert on TV.

The atmosphere in the room instantly grew awkward.

Thankfully, Mother and Father Qiao were experts at pretending that all is well. Father Qiao scolded Qiao Anxia until she smiled apologetically at Lu Jinnian. They changed the subject, and Mother Qiao continued their conversation. Lu Jinnian acted as thought nothing had happened just now, and continued to chat with them.

In a spot people couldn't see, he secretly covered Qiao Anhao's hand.

Even though the two of them didn't say a thing, she understood he was trying to comfort her.

Qiao Anxia's cold attitude made her feel a little upset inside, but after Lu Jinnians silent actions, she loosened up.

The servants finished preparing lunch, so everybody walked over to the dinning table.

Mother Qiao knew Qiao Anhao was pregnant so she especially asked them to cook light meals. She waited till after everyone were in their seats before she brought over a bowl of chicken soup for her.

"Thanks auntie."

Qiao Anhao received the bowl with both hands. Her eyes couldn't help but look over at Qiao Anxia sitting next to her. She hesitated for a moment, but brought the bowl over to her in the end and said, "Sis, you drink first."