Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 822

Chapter 822: Meeting the Parents(3)
Chapter 822: Meeting the Parents3
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Qiao Anxia continued to sit silently with a stoic expression. After about half a minute, she lifted her head to glance over.

Qiao Anhao looked expectant, assuming that she was going to take the bowl of soup but instead, Qiao Anxia grabbed onto Mother Qiao's bowl. Without a word, she lowered her head and started sipping the soup.

The atmosphere stilled.

Qiao Anhao froze.

Lu Jinnian's face fell, his displeasure apparent. He struggled to suppress his frustration before reaching out to remove the bowl of soup from Qiao Anhao. Standing up, he pressed her back into the chair. "Enough, you're pregnant right now, you should be more concerned about yourself."

Lightly, he stirred the soup, clearing the layer of oil at the top before feeding her a spoonful.

Father Qiao turned to glare at his daughter, but the blissful scene appeased him instantly. "Qiao Qiao, you've been blessed with a good husband."

"No, Im the one that is blessed for being able to marry Qiao Qiao," Lu Jinnian replied warmly before placing one of her favorite dishes into her mouth. After she finished it, he brought another of her favorites.

"Jinnian, you really know Qiao Qiao well, you're aware of all the dishes that she likes," Mother Qiao commended warmly.

His lips curled into a faint smile. Without replying, he took a side glance over at Qiao Anxia. It was obvious that her face had darkened.

Qiao Anhao cared about her sister hence he wanted to protect her too.

But that was only to make Qiao Anhao happy.

Ever since the beginning, Qiao Anxia was the one who had wronged Qiao Anhao. Even if she felt upset, it was Lu Jinnian's fault, how could he let her vent her frustrations on Qiao Anhao?

He wasn't able to disregard Qiao Anxia's feelings but that didn't mean that he couldnt make her feel worse off than Qiao Anhao!

Lu Jinnian reached for the fish, ensured that it was clear of bones, then placed it into Qiao Anhao's bowl. When he caught her sister peeking at them, he continued his act, using a piece of tissue to wipe her lips.

Qiao Anhao had informed both her aunt and uncle beforehand that they were in the midst of their wedding preparations. Even though she wasn't their biological daughter, they still treated her as one, since they had brought her up for so many years, after all.

While they ate, they discussed the details of the wedding. Towards the end, mother Qiao turned to grin at Qiao Anxia. "Xia Xia, when are you and Cheng Yang going to hold yours? If it's after Qiao Qiao and Lu Jinnian's, the two of you can be their bridesmaid and groomsman, but if yours is first, they can be yours!"

Qiao Anxia was already upset because of Lu Jinnian and now that she heard Cheng Yang's name, she was reminded that it has been half a month since their breakup. Throughout this entire period, he hadn't called her at all.


Qiao Anxia could no longer suppress her emotions, slamming her chopsticks onto the table.