Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 823

Chapter 823: Meeting the Parents(4)
Chapter 823: Meeting the Parents4
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"Xia Xia!" Mother Qiao exclaimed in shock.

Qiao Anxia stood up nonchalantly. "I'm full." Without waiting for anyone to respond, she turned to leave.

An awkward atmosphere yet again overtook the room. Father Qiao who was always indulgent of her tantrums could no longer suppress his fury. "Qiao Anxia, get back here!" he shouted.

Without hesitation, Qiao Anxia left the dinning room, slamming the door behind her.

Father Qiao's chest swelled, and he vented breathlessly, "This is outrageous, she is getting out of hand!"

Mother Qiao couldn't bear to see her daughter being embarrassed so she quickly explained, "Xia Xia has been moody for the past few days and Cheng Yang hasn't contacted her, they must be having a fight. She must have been triggered when I mentioned him just now."

Father Qiao hesitated, calming down slightly.

Mother Qiao anxiously placed meat into his bowl before addressing Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao. "Don't mind her, she has always had a bad temper. Let's eat."

Even though Father Qiao wasn't pleased, he suppressed his anger and forced on a smile, resuming the conversation. "Has the hotel and photoshoot been booked yet?"

"We have just started looking through our options," Lu Jinnian replied respectfully, seemingly unaffected by Qiao Anxia's behavior.

"Since Qiao Qiao is pregnant, she won't have much energy, you can definitely approach your aunt if you need any help. She has been waiting to prepare for Xia Xias and Qiao Qiao's weddings since years ago."

Mother Qiao was truly happy, a huge smile never once leaving her face. "We should hurry, Qiao Qiao won't look good in a dress when her belly starts to show, we'll be running on a tight schedule.

"But it'll be fine, having a tight schedule would make it more festive." Mother Qiao paused before turning to look at Father Qiao. "We should find an auspicious date soon."


The atmosphere remained cheery as they continued discussing the wedding details.

Father Qiao allowed himself to enjoy some wine in Lu Jinnian's presence, though due to his age he no longer possessed a high tolerance. Even though he didn't have much to drink, he started to get emotional, his eyes reddening. "Qiao Qiao has been with us ever since she was ten. Even though she isn't my biological daughter, in my heart, she is though. I have even given her half of my inheritance. I don't ask for much, I just hope that you will treat her well."

Qiao Anhao was originally affected by Qiao Anxia's behavior but now after hearing what Father Qiao said, her heart tightened, and the sorrow was drowned away by a warm embrace.