Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 824

Chapter 824: Meeting the Parents (5)
Chapter 824: Meeting the Parents (5)
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Though Mother and Father Qiao werent her biological parents, at that very instant, she felt like they were her real family.

She didn't think much of it when Lu Jinnian mentioned having a wedding ceremony that night. It was just a ceremony to her, but now, her heart was full of anticipation.


Throughout the wedding preparations, Qiao Anhao didn't lift a finger. Mother Qiao, Lu Jinnian, Zhao Meng, and the assistant did all the work.

But if there was anything important, everyone would still go to ask for her opinion. They followed her every preference from everything as big as choosing the hotel to the smallest detail such as the box of wedding sweets.

Her only regret was that Qiao Anxia hadn't contacted her since she and Lu Jinnian went to visit Mother and Father Qiao and spoke about the wedding. Occasionally, Qiao Anhao would send her a text or call, but she'd never receive a reply.

There was still a week left till the wedding, and Lu Jinnian went to the hospital with Qiao Anhao for another check up.

He had made an appointment with the last doctor theyd visited, Beijing's best gynecologist. Even though there were some areas of the department of gynecology where men were forbidden to go in, Lu Jinnian tried his best to be there for Qiao Anhao, to not leave her sight and take care of her.

He could only walk her down the corridors. When he took her to take the B-scan, he carefully left her with a few words.

Qiao Anhao sat in her seat and waited for about ten minutes. When she finally heard them call her name and walked in, there was someone getting out of the bed after taking their B-scan. When Qiao Anhao saw the person's back, she thought that it looked familiar, so she couldn't resist but sneak a few more glances, until that person turned her head. Only then did she say, "Sister Xiangsi?"

Song Xiangsi had been feeling unwell lately, so she especially went to the hospital for a checkup. She was afraid that the paparazzi would recklessly write about her so she deliberately chose the best doctors to keep her medical records at utmost secrecy. Yet, she still managed to get recognized by someone. By instinct, she jumped in surprise, then turned her head to see that it was Qiao Anhao. As she saw her, she let out a sigh of relief and raised her lips into a smile. "Xiao Qiao is here for a prenatal examination?"

"En, what a coincidence." Qiao Anhao arched her lips into a smile. At the thought of her B-scan, she couldn't help but ask in curiosity, "Sister, are you also...". Qiao Anhao pointed at her lower abdomen, suggesting that she was pregnant.

"No." Song Xiangsi let out a chuckle and shook her head. "I haven't had a body check for a long time, so I'm here to get a check up."

"Oh," replied Qiao Anhao without a second thought to it. She looked at Song Xiangsi's ten centimeter heels and instantly thought that she was overthinking things, so she asked with a smile, "How are you?"

"Very good." Song Xiangsi fixed up her clothes, then glanced at Qiao Anhao's flat stomach. "How's the baby?"

Qiao Anhao nodded. "The baby's good too."

Song Xiangsi curved her red lips into a smile. She put on her face mask and sunglasses. "I have some things to deal with, so I'll be off first. Go ahead with your check up. See you at the wedding."

"En, goodbye." The moment Qiao Anhao's voice dropped, Song Xiangsi gave a nod and picked up her bag and left.

She first went to see the doctor. After a while, she came out and headed straight for the elevator. She went downstairs to the underground parking, and got into her car. After a while, she took off her sunglasses.