Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 825

Chapter 825: Meeting the Parents (6)
Chapter 825: Meeting the Parents (6)
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Song Xiangsi didn't start the car, but stared calmly ahead for a long while. She pulled open her bag and took out her test results. She saw two boxes of folic acid inside her unzipped bag.

Her period was always on time. Now it was a week late and still hadn't come. Deep down inside, she had a bad feeling about it. Since she had no work this afternoon and Xu Jiamu was at the office, she took the opportunity to secretly go to the hospital for a check up. But in the end, she never imagined that her speculations were rightshe was pregnant.

One month pregnant... that's one month after Qiao Anhao got pregnant. Xu Jiamu's baby was, so to speak, the baby in her belly. This baby would have to call Qiao Anhao's baby 'big brother' or 'big sister'.

She and Xu Jiamu always used contraception when they did it.

Even though they say that condoms aren't a hundred percent effective, but they had been entangled together for seven years and she never once was successful with him. But who knew that she would now get into an accident.

Honestly speaking, she didn't mind the arrival of the baby, after all, she wasn't young. She used to fight so hard just to break out of poverty, but now she wasn't poor anymore, and she didn't want to be alone anymore in Beijing. She really wanted to start a family here, have a pretty baby, and be with him as he grew up. She wanted to be a normal woman and live out her days warmly and comfortably.

But the baby's father had bought her for five million RMB seven years ago. After a week, it'll be eight years, and yet in the end, he didn't have the slightest interest in marrying her.

At that thought, Song Xiangsi's head slightly ached. Her eyes were filled with a touch of sadness as they stared at the pregnancy test report. For someone who has always been competent and striving for self-improvement, a touch of helplessness surfaced beneath her eyes.

After a long while, Song Xiangsi shoved the array of reports she was holding onto the backseat. She started the car up and slowly drove off.

She aimlessly followed the flow of the traffic. When the car in front of her stopped, she also stopped. When the car in front of her moved, she moved.

On the road, a lot of thoughts went through her mind. Should she call Xu Jiamu to tell him that she was pregnant and see if he wanted to take responsibility for the baby. He had never wanted to marry her, but if he wanted to marry her now because of the baby, then what? She loved him and wanted to marry him, but she wanted him to willingly marry her. What's more, she didn't want the baby in her belly to be used as a bargaining chip to force him to marry her.

Song Xiangsi let out a long sigh and realized that she had subconsciously drove to the entrance of Xu Enterprise.

She slowly let the car come to a stop. Through the window, she stared at the tall office block, and hesitated for a long time, before finally parking her car in the underground parking lot. Then, she shoved the check up report into her bag, picked it up, and got out of the car. She took the elevator up to the top floor.

Song Xiangsi had went to Xu Enterprise with Xu Jiamu a few times, so she knew where his office was.

Perhaps there was an event going on in the afternoon because the secretary's office was completely empty, so she simply walked straight up to Xu Jiamu's office.

The office doors were shut. Song Xiangsi pushed the doors open to find a desolate office with no one in sight.

She was just about to sit on the sofa inside to wait for Xu Jiamu when she heard the faint sound of a voice behind the office.