Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 826

Chapter 826: Meeting the parents (7)
Chapter 826: Meeting the parents (7)
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Song Xiangsi furrowed her brows.

Was there someone in the break room?

She picked her bag up again from the sofa, walked across the shaggy rug, and headed towards the break room. As she drew closer, she could clearly hear a female voice coming from inside. "Jiamu gege 1 , you promised me that you'd take me to the cinema today after work. How could you suddenly change your mind?"

Song Xiangsi stopped abruptly on the spot. The hand she used to carry her bag involuntarily tensed up.

The door to the break room was left half open. Even though she was quite a distance from it, she could still clearly see that there was a young and pretty girl lying spread out on the bed. She clutched Xu Jiamu's arm, rocking it constantly side-to-side.

Xu Jiamu looked tired. He shut his eyes and didn't bother with her.

The young girl pouted at him. "Jiamu gege, I came all the way over here to see you, but you haven't spoken to me up until now, ah ah ah ah..."

As the girl whined on, she shook Xu Jiamu's arm more aggressively.

Xu Jiamu was hassled to the point where he couldn't sleep. He opened his eyes. "Qian Qian, quit messing around. I'm really tired. Isn't there a company event downstairs? How about you go over and have some fun there first?"

"No!" Without even a second thought, the girl called Qian Qian shook her head in refusal. Then she laid her body over Xu Jiamu and tightly hugged his neck, saying, "Jiamu gege, Lu Jinnian and Sis Qiao Qiao are already getting married. When will we get married?"

When Song Xiangsi heard this, she felt a coldness creep up from the bottom of her heart and eventually envelop her entire body. Her burning heart froze shut.

She couldn't take her eyes off of the two of them, and she stayed like that in complete silence for about half a minute, until she heard Xu Jiamu's low voice. "Let's talk about it after you've graduated university. Be good now, let me sleep for a bit."

"Jiamu gege, I want the ceremony to be held in a church. What's more, I've seen Sis Qiao Qiao's wedding ceremony, it was so pretty. When the time comes, you have to give me the same wedding..."

When Song Xiangsi heard this, she finally reacted. At first, she lowered her eyes, then swiftly turned around. With light steps, she flew out.

Song Xiangsi didn't know how she managed to get downstairs, but when she snapped out of it, she was already sitting in the car.

The lights in the underground car park were dim. It was silent in the car. Her whole body was frozen. Her mind was filled with Xu Jiamu and that girl's conversation just now.

So, Xu Jiamu had a new fiance...

So, when he first came to find her, he truly never had the slightest desire to marry her...

She was too softhearted. In his arms, she was overcome by the sincerity of the holy mother, as he hugged her and said pitifully 'I'm so tired'. She let her better judgment go, she let him live in her own home, and stayed with him through trying times.

To him, it didn't matter if it was now or seven years ago, she was always a product that could be bought with money.

She thought too highly of herself. She assumed her charm was unbound. She assumed that he would fall in love with her.

Song Xiangsi's chest started to heave. The next second, she suddenly pulled out her phone, and dialed the number for the gynecologist she had a check up with in the afternoon. "Dr. Jiang? It's Xiangsi, book me an appointment. I want an abortion!"

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