Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Meeting the Parents (8)
Chapter 827: Meeting the Parents (8)
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"As soon as possible. ... Next Wednesday? I can't make it that day. It's my friend's wedding, I have to be there. ... Alright, next Friday. ... Goodbye."

The moment Song Xiangsi hung up, she could no longer hold back her tears. Like a broken thread of pearls, they came crashing down, one drop after the other.

Seven years. From her naivety back then, to her maturity now, she gave him her very best.

And yet, she never had a good ending.

In one's lifetime, one can be foolish, one can be lowly, but they can't be repeatedly foolish and lowly.

She came from a poor background, a small mountain village. Even if she did sell her body to save her father, she was, after all, a woman who had sold herself... So how could she possibly be worthy of young master Xu, who was brought up by a rich and powerful family?

She could only blame herself for such an ending. She indulged in her own wild fantasies. It was all wishful thinking.

Song Xiangsi's complexion turned pale white, and her whole body shook furiously. All of sudden, she grabbed the pregnancy test report and tore it to pieces. In the end, she even pulled out the folic acid from her bag, pushed the car door open, got out and walked over to the bin. Without so much as a blink of an eye, she threw it in there and went back into her car. She fastened her seat belt, then started the car up and sped off.


Qiao Anxia had a business dinner with a customer at China World Hotel tonight, and she never imagined that she would actually bump into Chen Yang, who she hadn't spoken to in a month.

The customer was a little hard to deal with, as he constantly urged her to drink. Qiao Anxia could hold her liquor quite well, but she couldn't withstand drinking non-stop from the moment they sat down.

Mid-dinner, she really couldn't take it anymore. She instructed her secretary to stay with the customer while she found an excuse to leave the private room.

When Qiao Anxia shut the doors, the door to the private room opposite coincidentally opened. She instinctively lifted her head and took a glance. She saw a dapper Chen Yang dressed in an electric blue shirt with a smile on his face as he said "I'll be right back" into his private room and casually shut the door.

Chen Yang turned around to see Qiao Anxia in front of him in the corridors. His expression froze for a moment, and he stood there still, staring at her intently.

Qiao Anxia stood calm and composed at the door. She looked back at Chen Yang for about a minute and noticed that he had no intention whatsoever to speak. She nonchalantly turned around and headed right for the restrooms.

Chen Yang stood at the door staring at Qiao Anxia's back with darkness in his eyes.

To her, he was nothing at all... It wasn't like they hadn't argued or butted heads in the past, but every time, he would lower his head to her. All but this time, he always restrained himself. After a month of doing so, she never called him or even sent him a text. Now that they saw each other, she treated him like a complete stranger just like that...

At that thought, Chen Yang couldn't help but shake his head. He wore a bitter smile for a moment, then followed behind her to the restrooms.

Qiao Anxia didn't know if it was because she had a lot to drink, or if it was because Chen Yang was following behind her, just as she almost reached the restroom doors, her foot accidentally slipped, almost making her fall to the ground. Luckily, Chen Yang, behind her was just a meter away, and his reflexes were fast. He reached his arm out and caught her.

He asked with a worried tone in his voice, "Did you sprain your ankle?"

Qiao Anxia couldn't quite say why, but after hearing Chen Yang's voice, the tension that had built up inside her miraculously relaxed.