Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 828

Chapter 828: Meeting the Parents (9)
Chapter 828: Meeting the Parents (9)
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She was just as arrogant as usual, but her eyes couldn't help but linger on Chen Yang for a little longer.

Seeing as she didn't say a word, Chen Yang furrowed his brows and crouched down without a second thought, wanting to check her ankle. When suddenly, just as he was about to touch her shoe laces, he heard her coldly say, "Mr. Chen, I remember that we've broken up, do you think what you're about to do is appropriate?"

Chen Yang's hand stopped where he was crouched by Qiao Anxia's feet. After about five seconds of silence, he suddenly got up, and stared deeply at her. Eventually, he gave her a nod, then said politely, yet in a removed tone of voice, "Apologies, Miss Qiao, for disturbing you."

With that, Chen Yang shot Qiao Anxia a perfectly polite smile, then walked into the male restroom, leaving her standing dumbstruck.

Chen Yang actually left just like that?

In the past, whenever they butted heads, he would apologize to her every time, talk to her sweetly, and try to cheer her up, while she would put on a cold front. He obviously cared about her just now, so why did he suddenly walk off with a cold expression on his face?

Qiao Anxia stood there without moving an inch until Chen Yang came out of the restroom. Only then did she blink and call his name. "Chen Yang?"

He halted his footsteps, then looked over at her with nothing but an icy expression. "Is something the matter, Miss Qiao?"

Chen Yang deliberately emphasized those two words "Miss Qiao". His tone of voice was so cold, it was like they were two people who had nothing to do with one another. Qiao Anxia gaped in bewilderment, not quite knowing what to say next.

Chen Yang seemed to have started to lose his patience. After a while, seeing as she didn't speak, he politely and flatly said, "Apologies, Miss Qiao, but I have business to attend to. Excuse me."

This time, Chen Yang didn't bother waiting for her to react. He brushed right past and strode off.

Qiao Anxia suddenly turned her head to stare at Chen Yang's back and realized that she was now even more panic-stricken than the night he broke up with her and left.

This time, he was different from before. He seemed to really be mad. Speaking precisely, it was like they had absolutely no relationship between them.

How strange So what if they had nothing to do with each other, why was she so sad? So much so her heart ached?

Qiao Anxia walked into the restroom, feeling a little flustered. She went to the toilet, then walked over towards the sink, all while thinking about Chen Yang.


In truth, sometimes, reality is far more mystical than fiction.

Tonight, not only was Qiao Anxia and Chen Yang at the China World Hotel, Lin Shiyi was also there. What's more, she and Chen Yang were at the same dinner party.

Lin Shiyi got out from a cubicle and walked over to the sink. As she touched up her make up in front of the mirror, she noticed that the person next to her was running her hands under the tap in a daze. She didn't move for an awfully long time.

Lin Shiyi couldn't resist her curiosity and sneaked two glances. When she realized that the person next to her looked a little familiar, she furrowed her brows and thought for a moment until catching on. Wasn't this Qiao Anhao's older sister, Qiao Anxia? Back then, she was almost disfigured by this woman!

She never imagined that it was such a small world, that they'd actually bump into each other today!