Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 831

Chapter 831: Peril (2)
Chapter 831: Peril (2)
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Lin Shiyi was gifted ten solid slaps before they finally stopped. She was practically slapped silly, able only to stare at Qiao Anxia in astonishment, without any reaction at all. Her face swelled up considerably with imprints of fingers. Her delicately white skin looked noticeably hideous.

It was not until she felt the scorching pain on her face that she finally realized what had happened. She instinctively covered her face with her hand and stared at Qiao Anxia with eyes filled with tears. Full of hatred, she said, "Is there anyone like you? Dumped by Chen Yang, you take your shit mood out on me?"


Before Lin Shiyi could finish, Qiao Anxia raised her hand again and slapped her across the face. This time, the force she used was quite stronger than before, for Lin Shiyi slammed hard against the wall. With a muffled thud, her head knocked against it.

Qiao Anxia didn't even wait for Lin Shiyi to respond, before she trotted over in her high heels and pushed her up against the wall by her neck. She then forced her head up high, and staring right into her eyes said oppressively, "I remember telling you last time that it'd be best if you turned the other way when you saw either me or Qiao Anhao."

Qiao Anhao, who stood about a meter behind them, heard her own name and instantly came back to her senses after seeing Qiao Anxias aggressive and rude response. She stared at her with uncertainty.

Did Qiao Anxia step in to stop Lin Shiyi because she was afraid the baby inside her was in danger?

"Let me tell you, that was just a warning. If you dare do this next time..." With that, Qiao Anxia paused for a moment, and an extra layer of coldness filled her eyes. "Oh, that's not right. Not that if you have a next time, but what I mean to say is that from now on, you'd better hide far away if you ever see me or Qiao Anhao. If you ever bump into me on a good day, then perhaps I'll let you off, but if it happens to be that I'm in a terrible mood, then I'll take it out on you. And what will you do about it?"

As Qiao Anxia said this, she shot Lin Shiyi a deadly look. "Don't look at me like that. Let me tell you, I Qiao Anxia fear nothing. If I say it, I will go through with it. If you don't believe me, you can test it out next time!"

When she finished speaking, Qiao Anxia wanted to let go of Lin Shiyi's neck, turn around, and leave, but from the corner of her eyes she saw Qiao Anhao behind her staring wholeheartedly at her through the reflection on the mirror. Qiao Anxia's heart suddenly skipped a beat. If she left, then Lin Shiyi might just go crazy on Qiao Anhao. She couldn't say for sure what would happen to her baby then...

Anxia tightly pursed her lips, then turned her head. The hand she used to throttle Lin Shiyi suddenly clutched the womans hair, and she dragged her arrogantly over to one of the cubicles.

The entire restroom was filled with Lin Shiyi's painful cries. Qiao Anxia pretended to not hear a thing as she walked past the cleaning area and casually pulled out a mop. With a swing, she opened the cubicle, hastily shoved Lin Shiyi in, and shut the door. She pressed the mop tightly against it and let out a cold snort, then turned around and walked right out of the restroom.