Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 832

Chapter 832: Peril(3)
Chapter 832: Peril3
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

When Qiao Anxia was about to brush past, Qiao Anhao called out, "Sis?"

She paused. Without turning back to look at her, she waited for about three seconds, then continued on her way out.

Behind them, Lin Shiyi's aggressive shouting could be heard as she violently smashed against the door.

"Sis!" Qiao Anhao called out once more. She hurriedly ran after her, grabbing onto her elbow. "Sis, thank you for just now, if it wasn't for you, I might have..."

"Why are you thanking me?" Qiao Anxia interrupted angrily, her voice icy cold. "I only did that because that slut was being rude to me, it had nothing to do with you!"

Qiao Anxia tried to pry Qiao Anhao's hands off her elbow but her cousin only tightened her grip. Worried that she might hurt Qiao Anhao, she used another hand to pry off her fingers one by one.

Qiao Anhao wasn't that strong. When Qiao Anxia was about to free herself, she quickly asked, "Sis, are you angry because of Lu Jinnian?"

Qiao Anxia paled instantly, and even her breathing started to speed up. She took a deep calming breath before tossing Qiao Anhao's hand away. Hurriedly, she escaped out of the restroom.

Qiao Anhao bent down to grab the phone before running out after her.


After waiting for a long while, Lu Jinnian decided to call Qiao Anhao, but the call wouldn't go through. With a worried heart, he headed to the restroom to find her. Just then, Qiao Anxia came rushing out. Instinctively, Lu Jinnian stopped, letting her brush past him. Moments after, there came a familiar voice calling out, "Sis!"

Lu Jinnian reached out to hug Qiao Anhaos waist, afraid that she would fall. "What's wrong?"

Ignoring him, she continued to shout "Sis!" but Qiao Anxia entered the lift without acknowledging her.

Qiao Anhao chewed on her lip and lowered her eyes as sorrow seeped onto her face.

Even though Lu Jinnian didn't know what happened, he knew that she was definitely upset because of Qiao Anxia. Silently, he held her in his arms, comforting her.

After everything that happened, Qiao Anhao no longer had any appetite, so Lu Jinnian called for the bill and brought her out. When they were alone in the lift, she quietly explained everything that had happened in the restroom.

Lu Jinnian listened patiently, processing the details. After she finished explaining everything, she quietly added, "Anxia hit Lin Shiyi because of me."

He nodded, silently, and reached out to caress her long hair affectionately.