Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 833

Chapter 833: Peril(4)
Chapter 833: Peril4
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Lu Jinnian lowered his eyes, heartache and displeasure apparent in them.

Ever since the beginning, he hadn't commented on the issue with Qiao Anxia. When they were home and Qiao Anhao was bathing, he reached for his phone to send her sister a text.

He never liked Qiao Anxia and had even once hated her, but because Qiao Anhao was so fond of her, he was willing to look past her flaws to protect their relationship. It was just like back when she had accidentally come across his will, from there, she realized that he valued Xu Jiamu a lot and had spent a great deal of effort to repair their relationship.

Their wedding would be held in a week, and even though she didn't mention anything, he knew that she wanted Qiao Anxia to be her bridesmaid, to be there to give her blessings.

Lu Jinnian was ready to use all of his abilities to fulfill every wish she had.


Only after exiting the lift did Qiao Anxia realize that she forgot to take her wallet, coat, and car keys.

She paused for a while before deciding not to go back up. She reached for her phone and texted her secretary to bring her things to the office tomorrow. Placing the phone back in her pocket, she left the hotel.

The night was chilly, leaving her trembling in only a thin dress.

Without any cash, she used a phone app to call for a private car. Just then, she caught sight of Cheng Yang's car.

Her expression turned dazed, her gaze following it.

As the car approached, a hard to explain anxiousness crept into her heart. Through the window, their eyes collided. There was a complex emotion in his gaze, something she wasn't able to decipher for the first time. When the car was about to reach her, she started to feel expectant, hoping that he would stop his car. Instead, he drove right past mercilessly, without a seconds hesitation.

Instinctively, she turned around - the car was already far ahead, only its boot in sight. Her heart throbbed with an unfamiliar tearing pain. It was as though someone had dug right into her chest, ripping it out.

Qiao Anxia stood stationary until the private car she had ordered came. After boarding it, she fell into a daze once more.

The apartment was pitch dark. Qiao Anxia turned up the lights and scanned the surroundings. When she saw Cheng Yang's things, the unfamiliar tearing pain returned. Even though she hadn't done much the entire day, she felt as though it was one of the most tiresome day of the past few years. Exhausted, she slouched onto the sofa, staring blankly up at the ceiling. Just then, her phone rang twice, indicating a text.

After a moment, she turned to glance at her screen, the words "My Love" obvious there.

My Love... Qiao Anxia froze, it took a while for her to process who it was... Even though she was the one who saved the name, why did she feel so uncomfortable about it?

Without looking at the contents, she first changed his name to "Lu Jinnian", hesitated slightly, then after a moment changed it to "Brother-in-law".