Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 834

Chapter 834: Peril(5)
Chapter 834: Peril5
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After Qiao Anxia confirmed the change, the phone rang another few timesall the texts were from Lu Jinnian. When she saw the name "Brother-in-law" pop up several times, she felt a strange sense of comfort.

The first text was a photo. It was a sky blue dress that was hanging in a closet, and below it were a pair of heels from the same collection.

Qiao Anxia stilled slightly before scanning the next message.

[ I am Lu Jinnian, even though you never agreed to attend my and Qiao Qiao's wedding, and even though she knew that you didn't want to be part of it, she still specifically ordered a gown for you. Qiao Qiao is not aware of the incident with the voice recorder and rest assured, she will never know about it.]

Even though the text was short, Lu Jinnian's straight forward nature could clearly be felt.

She slouched back and stared at the photo intently.

After about three minutes, wetness started to collect in her eyes. Gradually, she could no longer hold it in, bursting into tears.

Three years ago, when she and Qiao Anhao were watching television, she had specifically commented on a particular bridesmaids dress. At that time, she had said that she was definitely going to be Qiao Anhao's bridesmaid in that exact dress. And even added that she she was going to look so dazzling she would be able to suppress the bride.

A that time, she had treated it as a joke, never expecting that one day Qiao Anhao would actually order that specific dress to be made for her.

Back then, the TV scene was fleeting... She had watched a rerun the next day, was it to get a better picture of that dress?

And what did Lu Jinnian's last sentence mean?

Qiao Anhao had been in love with him for thirteen years and he too had been in love with her for thirteen years, but because of her selfishness, she had caused a willing couple to be entangled in misunderstandings and hardships for such a long time.

Han Ruchu was wrong, but if she hadnt misled her into believing that Xu Jiamu liked Qiao Anhao, the tragedy wouldn't have happened...

Qiao Anhao hadn't done Qiao Anxia any wrong, it was Qiao Anxia who had wronged her so why did they buy so many of her favorite things when they came over to the Qiao house? Why did Qiao Anhao continuously offer up her goodness? Why did she disregard her own pregnancy to save her when Lin Shiyi bad mouthed her? Why did she prepare a gown for her even though she knew that she wasn't going to attend?

She would have felt much better if Qiao Anhao had gotten angry and questioned her.

In the end, she started to cry out loud. Subconsciously, she wanted to seek out Cheng Yang but the moment she held onto her phone, she remembered that they were no longer a couple.

It wasn't that she didn't want to see him, but when they met earlier, she realized how much she had missed him. Deep inside, she felt the same heart wrenching pain again.