Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Peril(6)
Chapter 835: Peril6
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In Qiao Anxias entire life, Lu Jinnian was the only man who had truly moved her, but Cheng Yang was able to give her an entirely different feeling.

When she was rejected by Lu Jinnian, she had been deeply unaffected, her pride stopping her from lowering herself to accept it.

But earlier on, when she saw Cheng Yang's coldness and disregard, she felt anxious and slightly vulnerable.

For an instance, this pampered princess had actually wanted to run after him to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

The thought startled her, distracting her from her tears. She shut her eyes and started replaying the emotions and impulses she had felt.

The room was silent, the atmosphere suitable for her to look through her inner thoughts.

When they first met, he had pursued her. At that time, she had agreed since he was a ravishing star and she felt competitive after Lu Jinnian's rejection.

He treated her really well, forever coaxing her and giving into her tantrums.

There was one night when she had intense period cramps from drinking too much alcohol. That night, he had anxiously sent her to the hospital, and it was only after she received medicine that he realized that he had forgotten to wear his shoes out.

When she watched videos of couples, she was drowned by envy, forgetting that she already had someone that treated her similarly Didnt she?

At this moment she concluded that she wasn't able to leave Cheng Yang. She had no clue when she had first fallen for him but she knew that she really loved him and it was entirely different from the love for Lu Jinnian.

One was a desire to overcome and the other was the decision to stand by someone.


The next day, both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were due for fitting.

Lu Jinnian had ordered the clothes from a high end private wedding club, a famous designer was specifically sent over from overseas.

Both the bride's wedding gown and the bridemaids gowns were unique and specially made.

The wedding club had a traditional name, "Bliss for a Hundred Years". That day, they had a meeting at 11pm.

When Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao arrived, Zhao Meng, Song Xiangsi, Xu Jiamu, and Cheng Yang were already there.

Lu Jinnian's assistant was already married hence he was arranged to be the emcee but he was still around to join in the fun and try out the suit that Lu Jinnian had ordered for him.

Before he came, he predicted that some of them would have skipped breakfast so he took a turn to grab some takeaways before going over.

The designer and his assistants were already arranging the clothes when the assistant came over with takeaways. He called out for everyone before setting the food on the table.

Aware of Song Xiangsis preferences, Xu Jiamu pushed a bowl of century egg with lean meat porridge over to her. He stirred the bowl several times and took a sip. When he was assured of the taste, he sent a spoonful over to her mouth.

Song Xiangsi looked at him sideways, then just as she was about to accept the porridge, she suddenly felt repulsed. Turning her head to the side, she stood up and headed to the restroom, disregarding Xu Jiamu.