Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Peril(7)
Chapter 836: Peril7
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Xu Jiamu frowned, his gaze following Song Xiangsi's back.

Ever since yesterday night, there seemed to be something amiss... First, she came home soaked in the smell of alcohol. When he had asked her what happened, she remained silent. After she took her shower, she fell asleep right away, and when he tried to touch her, she kicked him off the bed. Before he could get angry at her, she left the room with her pillow in hand, entering the guest room beside, and even locking the door.

This morning, he thought that they were going to "Bliss for a Hundred Years" together, but after he took his shower and was about to call for her, she had grabbed her bag and headed to the entrance, disregarding his presence. She had left her car outside so he grabbed her car keys before leaving the apartment. He hurriedly rushed down thinking that she would wait for him but his car was no longer in sight. That aside, when he reached "Bliss for a Hundred Years", he saw his car parked outside with a police ticket...

Song Xiangsi had parked illegally!

There was so much empty space in the underground car park but she had deliberately parked in the middle of a busy road!

After entering "Bliss for a Hundred Years", he sat down beside her and tried to engage her in conversation, but yet again she ignored him.

He had never been so accommodating towards her so why was she still ignoring him!

When he had brought a spoonful of porridge to her, his mood took a change, thinking that she was going to accept it, but the next moment she left with a crestfallen expression.

This woman was too much!

Xu Jiamu laughed once, placing the spoonful of porridge into his own mouth, but before he could taste it, he hesitated, then tossed it away. Slouching back on the sofa, he fell into a daze for a short while before heading to the restroom worriedly.

There was a huge hall filled neat rows of cabinets with every kind of ring in existence between the changing room and the restroom.

When he passed by, one of the cabinets caught his attention. He bent down and stared at one of the rings with a pink diamond.

"Sir, would you prefer a proposal ring or a wedding ring?" the staff asked when he saw Xu Jiamu staring.

Xu Jiamu snapped out of his daze, and seeing Song Xiangsi heading back to the changing room, he shook his head and took large strides to the restroom. Leaning against the wall beside it, he lit a cigarette.

A moment ago, he had actually felt an impulse to buy a ring for Song Xiangsi....

Ever since he was young, the meaning of marriage had been engraved into himhe was going to marry a woman of equal status.

When he had broken off the marriage with Qiao Anhao and Xu Enterprise had ended up with Lu Jinnian, he wasn't aware of his mother's evil doings. Hence, he had accepted when Lin Qianqian had requested for marriage since she was of a good background which his mother was so fond of. At that time, he wasn't in contact with Song Xiangsi, and even though he didn't really like Lin Qianqian's needy behavior, he had accepted her.

But that wasn't an official marriage, it was just a promise, they hadnt even held the engagement ceremony yet. Besides, there were times when he would go a month without seeing her as well...