Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Peril(10)
Chapter 839: Peril10
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

In less than two minutes, Qiao Anhao flushed the toilet.


There was the sound of the door unlocking and Qiao Anxia peeked through the small door opening. She could see Qiao Anhao's flats heading towards her direction. They stopped in front of a basin, and there was the sound of water gushing out. Just then, Qiao Anxia heard the faint unlocking of a cubicle door.

Was Han Ruchu finally coming out?

Qiao Anxia tensed, an ominous premonition creeping up her spine. Slowly, she unlocked her cubicle, observing Han Ruchu stealthily.

After about ten seconds, the woman opened her door, stepping out.

Qiao Anxia could clearly see her reach for the dagger, moving cautiously, afraid to alarm Qiao Anhao.

At that instant, Qiao Anxia clearly understood her intentions, she had been waiting in the toilet for Qiao Anhao this entire time!

The fitting was a few hours long so Qiao Anhao would definitely visit the restroom. The moment she came in, Han Ruchu was prepared to stab her while she was occupied.

The sound of running water from the tap drowned out Han Ruchu's footsteps perfectly.

If Qiao Anhao didn't turn her head, she would never learn of her predicament. If Han Ruchu were to succeed, even if Qiao Anhao was fine, her child probably wouldnt be able to make it...

Qiao Anxia abruptly pushed open the cubicle door. Running towards Qiao Anhao, she shouted, "Qiao Qiao, be careful!"

Han Ruchu never expected someone else to be in the restroom. When she realized that she was exposed, a murderous glint flashed in her eyes.

Today, she never expected to leave scot-free.

She wasn't on good terms with her son, her husband no longer bothered with her, and the pride and glory she had spent her entire life struggling for was ruined.

Now, she was a scorned women.

How would she be able to live that down?

How is the son of a mistress able to get married and have kids, even obtaining her son's protection?

That bastard was never supposed to be born, how did he manage to be successful?

What about her? Her life was filled with treason. Her whole soul was screaming in fury at how unjust it all was, and even her dreams were filled with the image of her killing them.

Wasnt Qiao Anhao the most important existence in his world?

Today, she won't just kill his most important presence, she would also get rid of his child!

She wanted all of them dead! Now that she didn't have anything, she wanted to drag him with her!

They would perish together!

Han Ruchu's lips curled into an evil smirk, and a shrieking laugh escaped her lips. It was as though she had gone crazy. Five seconds after Qiao Anxia spoke, Han Ruchu tightened her grip on the dagger and ran towards Qiao Anhao, the dagger directed at her belly.


Qiao Anhao froze when she heard someone calling her name. When she realized it was Qiao Anxia, she instinctively turned and saw, just a short two meters away, a masked women heading towards her with a dagger.