Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Ending(5)
Chapter 844: Ending5
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How many people in their youths haven't been impulsive at least once?

Real true love isn't capable of being selfish, its accepting.

In the beginning, Qiao Anxia could only see the good in Lu Jinnian. It wasn't because she loved him though, or because she was jealous of Qiao Anhao, but rather she felt competitive and couldn't take the rejection lying down.

In the end, it wasn't love.

If she really loved him, how could she allow him to be conflicted for even a bit?

Because his sadness would make her feel much worse...

It was a pity that she only understood this right now.

Tears formed at the edges of her eyes but she forced a slight smile for Cheng Yang. It wasn't her usual bright stunning smile, it was softer, warmer, and more pure, just like that of a harmless child.

"Cheng Yang, if I knew that... in this life time I would meet you... I would have never allowed myself... to date to many..."

Qiao Anxia coughed abruptly, blood oozing out of her mouth, and her eyes grew visibly more clouded. She struggled to keep her eyes open, to look at him for a while longer, but she was never able to force out the last word "boyfriends" before they fell shut.

All her words now were the truth... She had once thought that Lu Jinnian was her one true love and since she wasn't able to obtain him, it didn't matter who she was with. She just wanted to use this method to tell him she could have anyone she wanted.

The ignorance of her youth... In the end, she regretted it only after finally finding the person she wanted to spend her life with.

If she could relive her life... If they could turn back time... If she knew that she'll find her one true love, she would have definitely, definitely been a good girl.

But sometimes, one can only truly understand the meaning of something once they experience it themselves.

Qiao Anxia wanted to look at Cheng Yang once more but her eyelids were too heavy, regardless of how hard she tried, she wasn't able to lift them.

At that instant, she started to feel afraid.

Would she die just like that?

Will she never be able to see Cheng Yang and Qiao Qiao again?

She... was already regretting it and feeling guilty. Today, she had come to "Bliss for a Hundred Years" to apologize, but how did it turn out like that?

Qiao Anxia struggled to open her eyes once more. It wasnt working, so she gave up and moved her lips, wanting to call his name. Yet before the words could be formed, her entire world sunk into darkness.

A teardrop streamed down her face, falling onto Cheng Yang's arm.

He trembled, tightening his arms around her limp form, and his forehead pressed onto hers. Even though he didn't cry out, his shoulders were trembling uncontrollably.

Yes... This was the women he loved. Her name was Qiao Anxia. She wasn't the best and didn't have a good reputation.

The woman he loved had had numerous boyfriends, and she had given them her most beautiful youth.