Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Ending (8)
Chapter 847: Ending (8)
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The two sisters knew well not to bring up anything sad. Just like how it was before, they chatted and joked around like they were the old loving sisters again. So much so that despite having only seen them once, the nurse secretly complimented Mother Qiao that their sisterhood was great.

Actually, most of the time, there's no way of judging what is right or wrong.

In this world, there's no such thing as absolute kindness, nor absolute evil. Most of the time, the only reason one is willing to forgive is because they care.


Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, the day of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian's wedding came.

Originally, Qiao Anhao wanted to delay the date until Qiao Anxia was officially discharged, but at the time, she was already over two months pregnant. Her belly was starting to show, and if they pushed the date back, then she was afraid that her belly would grow even more. Not only would she not be able to fit into her dress, she was afraid that she'd have to wait till after the baby was born and another full month after the birth to be able to hold the wedding. What's more, the wedding invitations were already sent out. If they changed the date at the last minute, they'd have to notify each and every guest.

And so, after much deliberation, they decided to keep the original date.

Qiao Anxia couldn't leave the bed or walk, so she definitely couldnt be a bridesmaid, but she still wanted to attend the wedding. In the end, Chen Yang thought of a plan to find a doctor that would come with them to the wedding. If something were to really happen, they could find a solution in time.


There were staff on shift at the police station. Xu Jiamu handed them a pack of cigarettes, and one of the people escorted him to the interrogation room.

Inside, there was just one lamp on. Its light was obscured and there was an unspeakably rancid smell in the room.

The person who sat behind the metal bars was Han Ruchu. When she heard a muffled thud, she slightly raised her head. It had been just a few days since Xu Jiamu had last seen her, but she looked like she had aged a lot. Many strands of dark hair had turned white.

Han Ruchu shot Xu Jiamu a glance, then turned her head around. Her eyes were as cold as ice, like she had seen an enemy.

He lowered his eyes and said to the person behind him, "Can I get a few moments alone with her?"

That person nodded, then shut the door behind him.

The interrogation room was silent. Xu Jiamu stood on the spot for a while before walking over to the metal bars. Without any warning, he crouched down in front of Han Ruchu with a "badonk".

When she heard this, she slightly turned her head to stared at him crouched on the ground with a cold expression.

"Ma, I know that you really dont want to see me right now, but I still came to visit.

"Xia Xia will probably never be able to have children because of that stab you took.

"You asked Aunt Yun to find you a lawyer, but I've stopped her. I've also sent Aunt Yun back to her hometown. Father is out of the country. He can't come home at such short notice. I've put the Xu family estate up for sale. I predict that in the next two days, the authorities will raise an appeal in court and request a verdict for your case."

When Xu Jiamu said this, his voice trembled slightly. "Time in prison must of been difficult. At your old age, you're not very healthy, so you must take care of yourself in there.

"Every so often, I will come to visit you... Even though you aren't willing to see me.

"I hope that you can really think about what you did in there. If... If twenty years from now you step out having left all hatred of the past behind, then you will still be a good mother to me."