Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Ending (10)
Chapter 849: Ending (10)
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After many years of knowing Lu Jinnian, the assistant had never heard anyone speak to him like that. He couldn't help but admire Qiao Anhao deep down. "The bride sure is domineering..."

Before the assistant could finish, he saw the way Lu Jinnian was looking at him. To people around them, his eyes looked normal, but to him... they were undoubtedly menacing. The assistant hastily let out a laugh and cheerfully changed the topic. "However, I'm rather curious. If the bride gave the groom those three rules now, how would the groom deal with it? Would he still choose to hide their marriage?"

If it were now... Lu Jinnian thought about it for a moment, then calmly said, "If I'm not allowed to touch in public, then I can grope."

The entire audience erupted in laughter.

The assistant secretly scolded him, evil, then raised his mic and proceeded to ask, "Then what about the second rule?"

Lu Jinnian's expression didn't change. "If I'm not allowed to tell anyone that she's my wife, then I can say that I'm her husband."

With such a witty answer, the entire audience gave him a round of applause.

'He's basically an evil pervert...' said the assistant secretly inside. Then, he loudly asked, "And the third rule?"

The third? To not let anyone know that they live together?

Lu Jinnian contemplated it for about five seconds. When the assistant happily thought that he'd finally caught him, Lu Jinnian all of a sudden replied calmly, "I can say that every night, Qiao Anhao and I sleep in the same bed."

The audience below the stage started to cheer in unison.

The assistant applauded with them too, but deep down inside he added another adjective. 'More than a evil? An evil pervert? Practically... a shameless evil pervert!'

At 12.28 pm, the wedding ceremony officially started.

The entire audience fell silent, and the wedding march song started to play from every corner of the venue.

Tall wooden doors opened at the very end of a long crystal corridor connected to the stage, and the bright and beautiful lights shone in. Dressed in a white wedding dress, the bride held Father Qiao's arm, and slowly walked against the lights and into the wedding ceremony.

Lu Jinnian was already waiting in the center of the long corridor.

There were ten meters from the door to his position and Qiao Anhao's footsteps were not fast.

The guests around them all wore joyous smiles on their faces.

She stared straight at the majestic Lu Jinnian, as she drew closer to him one step at a time. His eyes gazed deeply into hers.

As Father Qiao handed Qiao Anhao over to Lu Jinnian, she turned to glance at her uncle. She saw that beneath his smiling eyes, there was a tinge of tears, which made the rims of Qiao Anhao's eyes turn a little red as well.

She held onto Lu Jinnian's arms, and he pressed her hand. As everyone gazed and wished well to the couple, the people following behind them also slowly walked to the center of the stage.

The groom was stunningly handsome and the bride was strikingly beautiful.

Up on that magnificent stage, it gave people the illusion that they had burst from palace.

For a a full minute, the assistant stood beside them and read the ceremonial speech with all seriousness and deep adoration. He then closed the red book in his hands and said, "Mr. Lu Jinnian, do you take Miss Qiao Anhao to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to be faithful to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and to honor her in all the days of your life?"

Lu Jinnian turned his head and stared at Qiao Anhao with serious eyes. "I do."