Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 850

Chapter 850: Ending (11)
Chapter 850: Ending (11)
Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

"Miss Qiao Anhao, do you take Mr. Lu Jinnian to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to be faithful to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him, and to honor him all the days of your life?"

Qiao Anhao returned Lu Jinnian's gaze. Her eyes were smiling and the corner of her lips arched upwards. She was brimming with happiness. "I do."

Amid the thundering applause from the entire audience, the assistant reminded them to exchange rings.

Beside them, Xu Jiamu hurriedly brought over the rings. Lu Jinnian picked up the female wedding ring and helped Qiao Anhao put it on, after which she picked up the male wedding ring and put it on him.

Infinite applause rose again.

Amid it, the assistant spurred the bride and groom to kiss.

Lu Jinnian stared transfixed at Qiao Anhao. The moment he was just about to lean into the kiss, the assistant suddenly said, "Sorry to interrupt but we all know that the groom has secretly had a crush on the bride for many years, and the bride has liked the groom for a really long time as well, yet the two of you stubbornly didn't tell each other. On behalf of everyone, I want to ask who was first to break the ice? I mean, who was the first to confess?"

Who was first to confess?

This question left Qiao Anhao dumbfounded... She accidentally broke the porcelain doll and saw the note inside, then found out that Lu Jinnian was in love with her. That was why she chased him to America and harassed him... did that count?

Just as Qiao Anhao racked her brain over how to answer, Lu Jinnian all of a sudden said out loud, "She confessed first."

The entire audience burst into an incredible commotion.

Qiao Anhao's face turned a little red from everyone's cheering. She turned her head and shot Lu Jinnian a scolding glance, muttering, "I wonder who gave me the porcelain doll with the love letter inside."

There was a microphone on Qiao Anhao's wedding dress, and so although she spoke quietly, everyone present heard it. The noise rose again.

Lu Jinnian copied Qiao Anhao's tone of voice and calmly said, "I wonder who chased me to America, hugged me in the airport, crying, threw a tantrum, and said she loves me."

Qiao Anhao was so instantly stifled by his words, she was left gaping and speechless. When she heard the sound of laughter below the stage, her face flushed, her cheeks puffed up, and she secretly cursed him, he was being so annoying!

In a wheelchair below the stage, Qiao Anxia heard Lu Jinnian's words and shot Qiao Anhao a look as though to call her 'worthless'. Then she casually laughed along with the crowd at her discomfort.

Due to that steady gaze and smile, Qiao Anhao became more disgruntled. She pursed her lips and retaliated in anger, "Then I wonder who played 'Paper, Scissors, Rock' every time to confess, 520 1 !"

"Wa..." When Qiao Anhao said this, there were quite a lot of women in the audience who made the hand gesture for "Paper, Scissors, Rock". As they realized that it was really 520, they couldn't help but shriek with admiration.

Lu Jinnian said, "I wonder who wrote a me a love letter in the fourth year of university with the words 'In this lifetime, I will only love you."

So annoying... why couldn't he just let her have this? He was the first to confess!

Qiao Anhao wrinkled her nose in dissatisfaction. "Hm I wonder who went and engraved the word 'Shmily' onto each gift he gave me, including the wedding ring!"