Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 852

Chapter 852: Ending (13)
Chapter 852: Ending (13)
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Did Qiao Anxia tell him this too?

But at that moment, Qiao Anhao's heart still lingered with unwillingness to lose.

Obviously every one was just making jokes and messing around, but in the end, their chests were brimming with a warm sensation.

It was meant to be time to start the reception dinner, but as the master of ceremonies, the assistant didn't go and interrupt their conversation to remind them. Instead, he secretly walked off stage, said a few words to the staff below, and walked back up.

Qiao Anhao's eyes started to heat up, as she stared transfixed at Lu Jinnian's handsome complexion. Her voice started to evidently tremble. "I wonder who was the one who went to school during the day and worked nights in middle high just to be able to buy me a cake from Black Swan."

As she said this, the "Wedding march song" that was playing stopped. Another song started playing.

That song was the official soundtrack from a recently popular movie. Many people had heard it before.

As the song played on, it turned out that it wasn't the original singer's voice, but instead Qiao Anhao's!

"Often I'd think back to the speckled desk... when I dazed out, I would stare at your silhouette... Perhaps you didn't know that little ol' me back then... Secrets in my youth were buried in the far corners of my heart..."

Did Xu Jiamu tell her?

Lu Jinnian shot Xu Jiamu a glance. His brother turned his head, and looked over at Song Xiangsi beside him.

When the female verse was over, it was time for the male verse. Every single person present could tell that the voice was Lu Jinnian's. "Waited for you at the crossing with my bike... You stayed with me through chilly nights... No matter how beautiful the sunset may be, it doesn't compare to the color of your eyes... Never said goodbye and farewell, but stayed silent..."

This time, Qiao Anhao didn't wait for Lu Jinnian to speak. Whilst the song played, she continued to list one incident after the other. "Also, I wonder who took me to the nurse's room when I was sick, then stayed with me all afternoon, causing the teacher to punish him to stand for the whole day for skipping class."

In the background, her voice played again. "Did you also think of me every now and then? Like how I often softly recounted the past... In the spring wind and autumn rain, we didn't say a word... Yet, the spring goes and autumn comes, contact is lost in between."

Lu Jinnian's facial expression turned solemn. "And I wonder who entered the entertainment industry just to be the best screen couple with me."

Qiao Anhao lightly blinked her long eyelashes and said in a low voice, "I wonder who started liking me during the third year of senior high."

Lu Jinnian gently replied with a question, "I wonder who also fell in love at first sight when we found shelter from the rain in the third year of senior high?"

Qiao Anhao's tears finally fell. She curved the corner of her lips and said, "Me."

"Me," said Lu Jinnian at practically the same time.

The two of them looked at one another and smiled.

The song in the background played on.

"Did you think of me every now and then? Or are you living a life with nothing to do with me... Luckily, we didn't miss out on our youth... My youth had you, and yours had me."

After just about a minute, the two of them opened their mouths. The words they said were exactly the same, "I've loved you for thirteen years."

They clearly hadn't rehearsed this, and yet they were so in sync.

This time, the audience was quiet. The faces of everyone who had laughed at their bickering had an emotional glow about them.