Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 854

Chapter 854: Ending (15)
Chapter 854: Ending (15)
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Qiao Anxia hadn't completely recovered from her wound. After the ceremony ended and they finished with the reception dinner, she headed back to the hospital.

With her gone, all Mother and Father Qiao could do was stay behind to support Qiao Anhao on her big day as a family. Chen Yang was also going to leave with Qiao Anxia, but eventually she stopped him by saying that she was just going to sleep in the hospital anyway so he may as well stay there and have fun for a while. It'd never be too late to come over later that night.

Chen Yang followed her wishes and agreed to stay, but not without personally carrying her into the car first. He fastened her seat belt and gave her a kiss on the lips.

As Qiao Anxia hugged his neck, she whined for another kiss before she finally let go of him.

The car had driven only for a bit when Qiao Anxia turned back to look at Chen Yang's figure through the front view mirror. He still stood at the hotel doors.

Her face lit up with a beaming smile.

After everything, the heavens didn't treat her all too bad. She didn't die, and she and Chen Yang had set a date for May Day to get married. When she fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital, then they could really plan their wedding. By then, she imagined that she'll definitely be as happy as Qiao Anhao. She had to get better now so that she could be like her sister and have a baby with Chen Yang.

The only thing she regretted as a sister was that her child would have to call Qiao Anhao's child Big Brother or Big Sister!

Back in the hospital, Qiao Anxia felt weak with exhaustion. The doctor gave her a check up to find that her wound showed signs of opening up again but it wasn't serious. After the staff fixed her up, it became no big deal.

On an IV drip, Qiao Anxia didn't take long to fall into deep sleep. She didn't know if it was because of Qiao Anhao's wedding, but she had a dream. She dreamed of her and Chen Yang's wedding, until she eventually woke up with a radiant smile. The sun had set outside, the drip had been removed by the nurse, and there were already two plasters stuck on her arm.

She groggily shifted around as she felt around for her phone under her pillow. She wanted to call Chen Yang to ask him how things were at the wedding, but before she could find his number, she heard the sound of nurses outside chatting quietly outside her room. "Your patient really got stabbed in the uterus? Can't get pregnant?"

Qiao Anxia was stunned. Her fingers were about to make the call when they suddenly froze. Then, she heard the nurse taking care of her say "shhh". "Don't say those things in my room. You're lucky she's asleep right now, if she wakes up and hears you, then I'm in deep shit!"

"Isn't she asleep?" asked another nurse.

The nurse taking care of Qiao Anxia whispered, "I'm afraid she can't get pregnant, but the family's keeping it from her. Let's talk about it outside..."

With that, the door closed shut and silence returned to the room.

Qiao Anxia laid dumbfounded in bed for ten whole minutes without the slightest movement, as though someone had pushed her pressure points.

Until a single tear finally rolled down from the corner of her eyes. Only then did she blink, causing even more tears to come crashing down.

What did they say... She damaged her uterus and wont be able to get pregnant?

What did they mean by 'can't get pregnant'? Did that mean she would never be able to become a mother?

Which went to say that the image she had had that afternoon of a cute little baby calling the baby in Qiao Anhao's belly 'Big Brother or Big Sister would never come into existence?