Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Ending (16)
Chapter 855: Ending (16)
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Qiao Anxia's eyes became hollow.

Her pitch-black pupils quivered with helplessness and loss.

How could this be... She wasn't even qualified to be a mother... Was this punishment for her wrongs from the heavens?

All of a sudden, Qiao Anxia broke into a sob.

How long did she cry for? She didn't know. It was not until she head a knock at the door that she stopped crying, burying her head into the covers.

It was the nurse. She walked up to the bed and maybe because she assumed that the patient was still asleep, she left soon after.

After the door closed, Qiao Anxia popped her head out from the covers to reveal her falling tears. Her eyes stared at the snowy white ceiling in a daze, as her head went blank.

The nurse returned to the room at seven in the evening.

The tears on Qiao Anxia's face had dried, but the rims of her eyes were still red. Looking carefully, it wasn't hard to tell that she was just crying.

"Miss Qiao, you're awake?" The nurse shot Qiao Anxia a warm smile, as she carried some food over to the table in front of her. "What a coincidence Miss Qiao, dinner's ready. I'll come back to take the tray away later."

Qiao Anxia silently gave a gentle nod but didn't reach her arm out to grab her chopsticks.

After an hour passed, the nurse came back to take the tray. Seeing that Qiao Anxia hadn't touched her food, she couldn't help but ask worriedly, "Miss Qiao, why haven't you touched your food? Are you not feeling well?"

Qiao Anxia appeared exhausted when she shook her head. She was about to signal for the nurse to take the food away, when suddenly the door swung open. Chen Yang walked in, dressed in the best man's suit.

"Mr. Chen, you're back?" The nurse turned her head and greeted Chen Yang, then said, "We don't know what's wrong... Miss Qiao didn't really eat dinner."

Chen Yang furrowed his brows. He walked over to the front of the bed, reached his hand out to touch the tray and realized that the food was a little cold. He asked the nurse to get a new one, then took a seat by the bed. He felt Qiao Anxia's forehead and relaxed when he felt that her temperature was normal. His voice was tender when he spoke. "Why aren't you eating dinner? Is the food not to your liking or are you not feeling well?"

Chen Yang's series of movements made Qiao Anxia's heart ache, causing tears to surge again. She quickly lowered them, trying her best to control her emotions, and attempted to sound as normal as possible. "No, perhaps I ate too much at Qiao Qiao's reception. I'm not really hungry right now."

"But you have to eat a little or how will you recover."

Qiao Anxia silently gave a gentle nod and buried herself into his arms.

The nurse swiftly brought over a new tray of food. Chen Yang could tell that Qiao Anxia didn't really have an appetite, so he fed her one spoonful after another. When she finished eating, he even helped her wipe the corner of her lips. After half an hour, he watched as she took her medicine and helped her brush her teeth, before he put her back in bed.

He knew that she loved her face. Even if she didn't put on any make up, she had to wash her face every night, so he carefully wiped it with a cleansing facial wipe.

Since Qiao Anxia woke up, Chen Yang would do these things for her every single day.

Before, her heart was filled with happiness, but now it just ached deeply.

It wasn't like he didn't know... She couldn't give birth now, she was disabled, and would never be able to give him a complete family. Why was he treating her so well?