Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 856

Chapter 856: Ending(17)
Chapter 856: Ending17
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Just as Cheng Yang was tossing the makeup wipes in the bin, he saw Qiao Anxia staring at him. Bending forward, he patted her face and lightly asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Qiao Anxia snapped out of her daze and shook her head, her eyes still focused on him.

He chuckled as he stood up, then walked to the sofa that was piled full of things.

Qiao Anxia knew that he was finding her makeup bag. She stared at his back for a while more before asking, "Cheng Yang, would you prefer a boy or a girl?"

She could clearly see him still, but the next moment, he turned, glancing at her. "Why the sudden question?"

Qiao Anxia could sense his nervousness, it was as though he was worried about something. "Even Qiao Qiao is pregnant, I think it's time we consider this issue. So, do you prefer a boy or a girl?"

Cheng Yang calmed slightly upon her response. "You want to hear the truth?"

"Hmm," she replied. Then added, "Obviously."

Cheng Yang headed over to the bed with her makeup bag. He removed a cream, squeezing a bit onto his palm before applying it lightly onto her face. Staring straight into her eyes, he replied seriously, "Children are too troublesome, I would much prefer just the two of us."

Did he say that because he knew she couldn't get pregnant?

He once told her that if she gave birth to a boy, he could protect her, but if she gave birth to a girl, he would protect the both of them...

Qiao Anxia stared into his eyes, starting to get emotional.

Cheng Yang placed the bottle of cream onto the table. Reaching for her hands, he continued, "Xia Xia, once you're discharged, let's get our wedding certificate."

Her eyes started to sting, and she lowered her them, nodding lightly.

A bright smile tainted Cheng Yangs lips. Bending, he planted a kiss on her forehead. "Alright, it's getting late, you should rest now."

Qiao Anxia struggled to keep a smile, her lips trembling. "Mmh, goodnight."

"Night." Cheng Yang caressed her hair and tucked her in before heading to the bathroom.

Only when she heard the sound of running water did she finally collapse. Hiding under the blanket, she started to cry.

He said he wanted to marry her... But how could the Qiao Anxia now be his bride?

She didnt regret saving Qiao Anhao. Even if she hadnt done her any wrong and the same incident were to repeat, she would still protect her selflessly...

Hence, she never once blamed anyone for the consequences.

But she couldn't let Cheng Yang shoulder the burden with her....


Today, Lu Jinnian was joyous from deep within, and he never rejected anyone when they came forward to toast him. Towards the end, he started to sway slightly from the alcohol. Before all the guests had left, he was already dead drunk. Xu Jiamu and the assistant had to carry him all the way up.

Xu Jiamu remained downstairs with Mother and Father Qiao all the way till 7 pm. When the guests were finally gone and he was going to rest, his phone started to ring.