Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 859

Chapter 859: Ending(20)
Chapter 859: Ending20

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After Song Xiangsi hung up, Xu Jiamu causally asked, "Who called?"

In her memory, he had never asked about her personal life so she was startled by his sudden interest. Randomly, she found an excuse, "It's from an advertiser but since I'm a little busy recently, I didn't want to take on anything."


"Lets have breakfast," she said, casually changing the topic.

Xu Jiamu nodded and walked towards the dinning table. With chopsticks, he picked up a bun and stuffed it into his mouth. Lifting his head, he glanced at Song Xiangsi. "If you're tired, you should just retire. Haven't you been mentioning quitting for quite some time?"

Song Xiangsi swept a glance at him and joked, "Where am I going to get my income then? Are you going to feed me?"

"I can," Xu Jiamu replied without hesitation.

Song Xiangsi froze, glancing at him before adding jokingly, "I don't want to just be a bimbo."

Xu Jiamus lips went up.

Song Xiangsi's eyes darkened. Bending, she continued to eat the porridge.

Xu Jiamu stared at her, repeating the conversation just now.

Are you going to feed me?

I can.

As he pondered over it, he seemed to have figured things out.


Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao only found out about Han Ruchu's death three days after the wedding.

At that time, Qiao Anhao had just visited Qiao Anxia at the hospital, and since it was still early, they decided to shop around the mall for baby products.

While they were looking at baby cots, the sales attendant came forward to introduce the products enthusiastically before asking, "Which one would Mr. and Mrs. Lu prefer?"

Lu Jinnian pointed to a cot made from solid wood. "This."

Qiao Anhao pointed to a cot with a prettier design. "This"

Together, they replied at the same time.

Glancing at each other, they pointed to the cot the other party had chosen before speaking at the same time yet again. "This one then!"

Both of them wanted to choose the cot the other one preferred but after three tries, they still weren't able to come to a conclusion. Irritated, Qiao Anhao could no longer hold it in. "Lu Jinnian, stop being so fickle. Which one do you want?"

But youre fickle too Lu Jinnian retorted silently. Looking towards the sales attendant, he said, "We want both."

Just as he was about to reach for his card, his phone rang, it was a call from his assistant. Lu Jinnian listened as he made payment, his face darkening with each second.

Qiao Anhao glanced at his expression, starting to get nervous as well.

"I understand." With just two words, Lu Jinnian hung up. After leaving the delivery address, he left the baby shop with Qiao Anhao. When they were out, he turned to look at her. "Qiao Qiao, Han Ruchu is dead."


Qiao Anhaos mouth went wide in shock as she glanced at Lu Jinnian in disbelief.