Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Ending(22)
Chapter 861: Ending22

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Just then, the commercial break ended and a new variety show "Where are we going, dad?" started airing.

The little boy inside the program was exceptionally cute, his words novel and refreshing, delighting Song Xiangsi. "He's adorable!" she commented.

Towards the end of the show, she exclaimed, "I hope my child would be this cute!"

Xu Jiamu had always been careful about anti-pregnancy measures so he wasn't bothered by her words. As he chewed on the rice, he casually replied, "Our child would definitely be much cuter."

Our child... Those two words caused her heart to tremble, a wave of emotions gushing through her.

Was it just a casual remark or did he really want a child with her?

Song Xiangsi was confused. After a long while, she turned to glance at Xu Jiamu. "Jiamu..."

"Mmh?" He lifted his head towards her. "What's is it?"

Song Xiangsi lowered her eyes while smiling brightly. Just as she was about to continue, his phone started to ring.

She swallowed the words that she was about to say and using her chin pointed towards the phone.

Even though it was just a glance, she could clearly see the name on his phone screen: Lin Qianqian.

Xu Jiamu swept a glance at the screen. Slowly, he picked up the phone but didn't rush to answer it, instead, he looked over at Song Xiangsi. "What is it?"

Song Xiangsi shook her head, indicating him to to answer his call.

Xu Jiamu swiped the phone screen and placed the phone by his ear. "Princess Lin, what can I do for you?"

"Brother Jiamu, my father will be back from Beijing tomorrow afternoon, as my fiance, you should come over for a meal..."

Ever since the start of the year after they had verbally initiated the engagement, Lin Qianqian had been calling him her fiance. Even though he was already used to the term, he suddenly felt anxious in front of Song Xiangsi. Instinctively, he raised his palm to cover the speaker. Turning to her, he pointed to the balcony.

Song Xiangsi sat alone at the dinning table, looking at him as he walked to the balcony. After entering, he had even closed the doors...

With a door in between, Song Xiangsi wasn't able to hear a word he said.

But just now when he was beside her, she had clearly heard what the girl Lin Qianqian had said.

"Brother Jiamu, my father will be back from Beijing tomorrow afternoon, as my fiance, you should come over for a meal..."

Was Xu Jiamu going to visit his father-in-law tomorrow?

Just a moment ago, she had naively wanted to ask what if she was pregnant? Were they going to marry or would she have to get an abortion?

There must be something wrong with her. After just a few days of care and concern, she thought that he had fallen for her.

Song Xiangsi stared at the balcony, her expression turning glazed.