Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 865

Chapter 865: Ending (26)
Chapter 865: Ending (26)

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When he bumped into her at the Royal Palace, and saw just how nonchalant she was, he got so angry he dragged her back home and slapped her.

He never understood... Why was he so angry?

He didn't understand for several months. It was not until recently, when she randomly showed her colors, that he stopped fighting her. Instead, he wanted to cheer her up. That's when he realized that something was wrong with him. He even wanted to buy her a ring... Later on, his mother was imprisoned for murder, then committed suicide and was buried. She loyally stayed by his side through it all, and that's when he finally understood.

At first, he bought her for five million bucks in the spur of a moment. Why did he stay with her for almost eight years after that?

Although he looked good, his background was good, and so many women would come flocking towards him, during those seven years, why did he not touch any other woman besides her?

All this... How could he have not realized it after so many years...

It was like he never understood that he'd long ago unwittingly fallen in love with that woman, Song Xiangsi.

When exactly did he fall in love, he did not know, but it silently cultivated it's strength over the years. It let him love her deeper and deeper, till the point where... he had to have her, or nothing would matter.


Xu Jiamu started the car and drove into the crowded road. He didn't go back to the office but to "Bliss for a Hundred Years".

Inside, there were a few couples picking out rings. The women's faces would glow with happiness when they tried on the rings.

Xu Jiamu couldn't help but curve the corners of his lips as he walked over to the display and stopped in front of a pink diamond ring he had been staring at before.

"Sir, how may I help you?" asked the sale assistant lady with a wholehearted smile.

Xu Jiamu gave a light nod, then pointed at the pink diamond ring to signal for her to take it out for him to see.

He brought the ring in front of him. It was far more breathtaking up close than on display.

Xu Jiamu took a good look at it in satisfaction, then gave the sales assistant Song Xiangsi's finger measurements.

He had secretly gotten them last night after she fell asleep.

"Apologies sir, we don't have the right size. May I ask, do you urgently need it? If not, we can get one of our specialists to help you adjust it."

"Alright." Xu Jiamu gave a nod, then pulled out his card to settle the bill.

It was five in the afternoon when he received the adjusted ring. He checked it twice to confirm that there weren't any problems, then put it into the ring box and left with the box in his inner pocket.

On the way home, he gave China World Hotel a call, booked a room, and told them to prepare a bouquet of flowers.

Just as the car was about to reach Su Yuan apartments, he remembered that last night Song Xiangsi had asked him to buy some fruit for today, so he turned his car back to the supermarket.

Song Xiangsi told him to decided himself, and so he just picked some of each fruit. In the end, he realized it was too much and left the supermarket with their address and asked them to deliver it to his doorstep. Then, he drove home.

He opened the door. The apartment was silent, and the room glowed half red from the setting sun outside the windows.

Xu Jiamu scanned the living room but didn't see Song Xiangsi, so he called her name.

No answer. He changed into slippers and walked over to the bedroom. When he pushed open the doors, he saw that it was empty.