Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 866

Chapter 866: Ending (27)
Chapter 866: Ending (27)

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Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows, pulled out his phone, then called Song Xiangsi. When the call just went through, he heard the faint ringing of someone's phone behind. He turned around, pushed open the living room door, and immediately put his phone away. He rushed over to Song Xiangsi and asked, "Where did you go?"

Song Xiangsi didn't look too good. Her hair was draped loosely in a mess bun. When she heard his voice, she raised her head, shot him a glance, and let her head fall down again to change into her slippers.

Xu Jiamu spoke again. "I booked a table at the China World Hotel. Don't change your shoes, let's go straight there to eat."

It was like Song Xiangsi hadn't hear him at all. Without warning, she walked over to the dining room, poured herself a cup of water, and started to take a drink.

After being ignored twice, Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows again. "What's wrong? You're in a bad mood?"

After she downed the cup of water, and put the cup down, she didn't go tot he living room, but leaned against the dining table behind her. She turned her head and stared at Xu Jiamu, then said, "I went to the hospital this afternoon."

Hospital? Xu Jiamu's face was instantly filled with anxiety, and he didn't think twice to rush over to her side. "What's wrong? Where are you sick? Why did you go to the hospital and not tell me? I could of gone with you..."

Song Xiangsi didn't wait for him to finish, interrupting him without warning. "I'm pregnant."

A sense of disbelief rose within Xu Jiamu's eyes and an hard to explain sense of happiness overcame his heart. He was instantly left stunned, and his lips started to curl upward. "Really..."

Before he could finish though, Song Xiangsi turned around and pulled out a few pieces of paper and handed them to him.

"Pregnancy check up report?" Xu Jiamu asked happily in response. He took the papers, lowered his head, and read on. After just two lines of words his expression ran cold. The hand clutching the papers started to tremble frantically. He stared for a good long time before he raised his head with bloodshot eyes and asked Song Xiangsi, "What is this?".

She shot him a gentle smile as she heartlessly said, "It's there in black and white. Can you not clearly read it, young master Xu?"

Xu Jiamu stared at Song Xiangsi, his breath becoming unsteady.

Song Xiangsi continued to smile as she grabbed the paper from Xu Jiamu's hand and used an incredibly relaxed tone to read it aloud for him. "Song Xiangsi, female, surgical abortion..."

"Shut your mouth!" Xu Jiamu roared suddenly.

Song Xiangsi continued to read like she didn't hear a word he had just said.

He abruptly snatched the papers from her and threw them hard across her face. "Shut your fucking mouth! You hear me!"

Song Xiangsi really shut her mouth. She looked back into Xu Jiamu's eyes with a dark yet serene and tranquil expression.

At that very moment, Xu Jiamu felt like Song Xiangsi's eyes were unusually frightening. He pointed to the piece of paper and said in a trembling voice, "You really aborted my child?"

"Yes..." Song Xiangsi nodded. "It's gone. If you need it, I can read the abortion papers again for you..."

With that, she bent down to pick up the papers Xu Jiamu had thrown to the ground.

Her fingertips didn't manage to touch the papers before Xu Jiamu suddenly reached his arm out and grabbed her arm. He mercilessly dragged her and pushed her down onto the table. "I'll ask you one last time, did you really abort my child?"