Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 868

Chapter 868: Ending (29)
Chapter 868: Ending (29)

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Over a year ago, she wanted to break up with him.

After he woke up from his coma, he came to find her a few times. Each and every time, she would fight him measure for measure, so he stopped disturbing her. Thinking back, at that time, they were kind of on a break. If he hadn't gone to Su Yuan apartments, bumped into her, or hugged her, then perhaps they would of truly ended...

Actually, in the eight years they had been together, he never mentioned a thing about marriage, nor did she talk to him about love. Even when she would get into scandals with other men in the entertainment industry, he would never question her and she would never have to explain herself to him.

The two of them had a mutual understanding to not concern themselves with or reveal their private lives to the other person.

In actuality, it was a business deal. A deal which eventually moved him.

Eight years, eight years had come to such an ending.

It's just a shame that in the end, he wasn't Lu Jinnian and she wasn't Qiao Anhao.

Even if they went on like this for much longer, they would never be able to have such a beautiful story like those two.

Xu Jiamu slowly released Song Xiangsi's chin, and took two steps back. He then turned around, tears rolling down his face. There was no hesitation in his step when he strode out of the apartment.


The very moment the door closed, Song Xiangsi couldn't contain her tears any longer, and they came crashing down in the end.

It was over... It was finally over.

Eight years. After being together for as long as eight years, at this very moment, they finally ended it.

Since the moment she knew him, she knew that they didnt belong to the same world.

She was Cinderella, and he was the prince, but they didn't live in a fairy tale.

In reality, she had always told herself not to love him, but... she let herself down. In the end, she still fell in love with him.

She had clearly tried to force herself to give up on him a few times, but she failed on every attempt.

In the end, she had no other choice but to force herself into a dead end with her own hands. She killed his child, and let him completely and utterly hate her.

Just as she'd wished, he said 'Song Xiangsi, from this day forth, we have absolutely nothing to do with each other!'.

She had no other way out... For over half a year, she had wanted to completely cut off all ties between them, and now she finally did it.

She couldn't get angry with anyone else. With her ow hands, she forced herself into a dead end.

She didn't even have place to regret what she did.

In this lifetime, the two of them would never be able to be together.

She didn't even have a chance at being his secretly ashamed lover.

This road was clearly the one she chose herself... She knew that she was too softhearted when it came to him, so she had to be decisive. Yet, why was she this hurt after she got what she wished for?

Eight years! Eight years! She personally killed all ties between her and the person she had loved for eight years.

From here on out, for the rest of their lives, they parted ways, never to have any relation with one another.

Song Xiangsi finally couldn't help but cry out loud. Eventually, she cried till her entire body trembled. She covered her abdomen and let out a tragic and helpless sob.

At nine o'clock, she dragged her suitcase from Su Yuan apartments, hailed a taxi, and headed straight for the airport.

At eleven o'clock, she boarded a plane. When she entered the airport, she chucked her mobile phone into a bin.

At half past eleven, the plane took off. Song Xiangsi stared out into the glistening night view of Beijing through the window with a cold expression on her face.

Love gradually grows deeper. Coffee slowly turns cold. Stories gradually draw to an end.

From no love, to a deep love, to eventually letting go of love, a person will never be able to see hope.

Farewell, my lover. Farewell, you who stayed by me for eight years.